My Strategy On Using Telemarketers To Explode My Business

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    Here is a strategy I have been using for a long time to help me build downlines. We are excited
    to be using it now to help us build the company we are with now. In my 8 years making great
    money from home it is great to be involved with a company that has been in business for a
    while, that is publicly traded, and that offers a service whose price cannot be beat, marketing
    a product everyone has and will want to switch over to us with.

    What you do is this. Hire a telemarketer. Put an add up on the home based business forums
    like this. $12.50 an hour for a home based telemarketer. You will be shocked at how many
    resumes you will get. I am shocked at how many people would rather get paid $12.50 an hour
    for "security" instead of having the opportunity to go out there and do the same work for
    themselves and make 4-5 times that.

    In any event get them a phone burner. Most lead companies I do business with will give
    you a lead credit or a phone burner for free if you buy leads from them. This has a $149 value.
    Buy the aged leads as listen these leads are filling out tons of forms on line. We are looking
    for quantity not quality here because the phone burner will spend half its time leaving
    prerecorded messages on the answering machines. We just want to get people to our website
    letting them know how they can get their cell phone bill for free and how they can make life
    changing money helping others do the same.

    A phone burner will also allow you to keep track of the person and how many calls they are doing.
    A phone burner will also send out automatic emails to these leads. Now the script is real simple
    and two minutes long for when they get a live person on the line. Having a telemarketer work
    for you and calling leads up saying " We are calling of behalf of YOU" is a powerful
    pyschological tool that will have a lot of them joining you because you come across as a leader.

    Make sure you hire someone who lurks on the home based business forums because
    they sort of know the game. They just have no faith in themselves to close sales. But they
    can understand the lingo and understand the process opposed to someone who has never
    dabbled in home business. If done right this person will only work for you for about a month or so
    before they realize they could make more money

    Lets say you pay a telemarketer $12.50 an hour and they work 40 hours a week. That is $500
    per week or $2000 per month. With the cost of the burner and leads and a rotator you are looking
    at about $2800 per month in costs. Now wait Chris you say. I do not have $2800 to spend per
    month in marketing. That is why you do a co op. You get a rotator and you have the leads
    to be shared. The amount of leads created varies of course to the variable but break it up into
    5 shares, 8 shares, 10 shares etc.

    This is how top dogs build huge organizations. They delegate the menial tasks to those willing
    to do it. This is how big business works. The employee takes a "security blanket" in a paycheck
    and usually makes the bosses rich.

    It is all about leverage and that is what builds success. I hope this helps. If you have any
    questions let me know about scripts etc. ROI on this is usually very good. Our team
    will always do stuff like this. Our hook with our company is " If I can show you a way
    to eliminate your phone bill plus show you a way on how you can generate thousands
    helping others do the same would that be worth five minutes of your time." Then get
    them in funnel. I love the company I am with now because it has an amazing back office
    and training that tracks everything. Autoresponders already written and even tells me who
    is hitting what links.

    Success to everyone. Be a true entrepreneur.

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