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    Anyone research yet? I have known CEO for decades, and although he has the most experience in direct to home discount groceries program, he has not been able to keep a program going for more than a couple years due to the companies he contracted with in the past.

    Well, at last, he is using the largest grocery retailer in the world, so maybe this time it will fly for more than a couple years. I love the concept of lowest discount groceried delivered for free to home, it worked great for me in the past, and if this one lasts, I am all in.

    We all want to save money on items we all have to purchase anyhow, and with thousands of name brand groveries and other items available. plus the conveneince of free home delivery, plus guaranteed lowest prices or double your money back, and then cash rebates on top of these savings, sure sounds like it would be worth researching if you want to save money and earn an extra income.

    So how many people want to save money? How many would appreciate the convenience of free home delivery? How comfortable would you be working with the largest grocery chain in the world? How many are looking for an extra income? I look for recession proof business opportunities first and foremost, and saving money is always going to be recession proof concept in this collapsing economy with inflation hitting everyon who eats.

    Good luck,
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    Have ANY of these "grocery shopping" plans ever lasted?
    We had one being discussed here that went down after just a little while.

    I really wonder if buying groceries this way is practical or even desirable - there are so many options to consider, with groceries!
    And fruits and vegetables are the most important foods to eat - they are best personally selected. I can't imagine someone doing that for me.

    If this lasts I'll be surprised.

    But I certainly wish you success with it!

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    Having enjoyed home delivered groceries at discount prices, delivered for free in the past, I loved it for where I live, especially in the winter, it is not easy getting to grocery stores, and I have to drive 15 miles, so I always liked the concept, too bad none lasted as you mentioned to date.

    What is difficult is finding a reliable wholesale grocery source, and given this time it is the largest and best known lowest priced retailer, I will give it a shot to see how proficient their system is. I had good experience with Grocery Club back in 95 and has a solid five figure monthly income too, so it is possible to see a long term success given low prices are what everyone is looking for in this economy.

    Time will tell as it always does, so given I eat, and hate grocery shopping, and like to save money, never mind earn another income stream, it was worth adding to my home business portfolio.

    Good luck,

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