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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by preston07, May 27, 2009.

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    I need some advice on mystery shopping. I will try it soon but I want to hear the experiences of mystery shoppers here.

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    Please be VERY careful about Mystery Shopping as there is a ton of scams out there (moreso than there is for Online Business) and one of the most popular is sending a person out to purchase items and sending them a Money Order or Cheque for $2500 and instructed to deposit $2200 and use the remaining $300 to test the program.

    Problem with this is, the cheque/money order is bad and will bounce worse than a rubber ball that sat in a glass of whiskey for a week.

    AND when it does bounce, your bank will go after you for the money and legally you are REQUIRED to pay it back. Failure to do so can result in a negative entry on your credit report as well as legal/collections actions against you.

    Just a word to the wise, buyer beware....BIG TIME.

    More on this scam at
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    Hello Everyone,

    I have done mystery shopping before.

    You won't get rich on it, but it was alot of fun. There are some legitimate companies out there.

    The way that mystery shopping worked for me was this:

    I registered with the different mystery shopping companies, and when there was work available they would email me. I would then pick which jobs I was interested in taking, I would do the training for the job on-line-then proceed on my shop.

    After my shop was completed I would log back into the company website and fill in my report. You must have an excellent memory to do mystery shopping; as you can not take any recording devices with you.

    The companies that I have worked for in the past include the following.

    2. GAPbuster WorldWide .

    I hope you have found this information helpful. Good Luck and HAVE FUN !!![​IMG]

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