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  1. Curious,

    Anyone ever use television for advertising their businesses? I used local cable spots years ago with success, but it was expensive, so I stuck with radio and got OK results.

    I have been researching this new Television ADS company which offers affiliates a great deal, in fact, FREE ADS if you share concept with others. The online system allows you to easily create your own TV-Promotions and run them in your local markets for a fraction of ad buys personally. Watch the videos and demo if interested.

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  2. FreeCashMan

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    Television advertising going mlm, affiliate direct sales, Interesting.

    Results count!
  3. Agreed,

    Results is the bottom line for all we do, and especially when it comes to advertising costs, you get what you pay for in most cases. I have used every medium available, and it all comes down to what you are promoting or selling. Having used television media on local cable spots in the past, it worked great, but you paid a premium for prime time, so you have to have ample profits to justify higher cost advertising.

    What I like about this new medium, it gives us all the power of cooperative group buys, similar to being an advertising company, you access lower costs on volume buys and then resell to the individual customers, nothing new, so knowing the advertising industry, I liked what was being offered, the chance to be on TV for free with the affiliate model where I can earn my TV-Promotions spots.

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