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    Anyone on this forum an investor, or wannabee investor? As a long time investor in stocks, options, commodities and FOREX, this new stock recommendation program caught my interest after a friend showed me his results for first month involved. Like everyone, we are all looking for additional income streams, and this is one that should be evaluated if you, or someone you know is an investor.

    Simply put, watch the videos, I turned a 106% return in Novemeber while my friend who was all in with both weekly and monthly stock picks net 230% return in his first month. Granted, the markets were all positive for the month, but when you research their track record over past year plus, they are way above any other stock recommendation newsletters I have followed.

    Nothing to lose, refer three, your membership is free, pretty simple formula for success, follow the training, follow the recommendations of when to buy and when to sell, and you will see profits too. This is not those HYIP scams or the Binary Robot scams, this is mainstream investing in Dow Jones, Nasdaq options and FOREX markets, no penny stocks, so low risk if any risk at all.

    Company Overviews
    4 1/2 minute overview call 518-777-1257
    10 minute presentation site
    NEW 7 minute company video
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    Check out the money back guarantee, simply amazing, no risk, high reward.

    Success to all,

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    Another great month at 49% returns in December, usually not the best month for investment returns.

    Success to all,

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