Name one business tool that you just can't live without ?

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by Sherrod, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Sherrod

    Sherrod New Member

    We all have a favorite tools that we refuse to run our business without. One of favorites is Google Docs. What I have done is created a Copy writing swipe file. I have this folder loaded with hundreds of hot, attention getting headline to choose from. I also have links to some of the best sales letters I have found on the internet.

    I have a section for with about 20 closers, which is basically your call to action. I like to browse my copy writing file before I publish my articles. For example, everyone knows about AIDA (Attention,Interest,Desire, Action) but I have about 16 more copy writing formulas to choose from. Your content can give you an advantage or a disadvantage. My Swipe file In Google docs really gives me an advantage. Whats your favorite business tool that you can't live without ?
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  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    There are more than one for me. Clipmate, UltraEdit, AutoHotKey, to name a few.
  3. writepro

    writepro New Member

    hmmm. I have several too:

    1) PayPal (how else would I get paid?)
    2) 1shoppingcart (for autoresponders and to sell my ebooks and my writing and VA services
    3) Instant Teleseminar -- for teleseminars -- AND instant product creation! I can do an audio book in an hour on that thing! Or do interviews and turn them into products. Very useful!

    And, of course, Word.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Hands down, for marketing, the capture/squeeze website page and autoresponder.

    The capture page is you own billboard to the world of your great offer to assist the person in what their personal objective is as it relates to your offer.

    The autoresponder is your auto message to them that gives them an immediate response to their inquiry, and allows you to do follow up as needed.
  5. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    Free cash man I believe you are correct in your auto responder list. Now that I think about it even in real Jobs when they laid off anyone or fired anyone they would for the most part not let them back to their desk or would be watched by a security team member to make sure you only took what was yours, because they were afraid they would take the customer list with them. So I have to agree those list are like gold to you. I believe someone said that it takes roughly two weeks for someone to decide to do something anyway so you can keep the idea in front of them for that two weeks so they don't forget to consider you too [​IMG]
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    For me and for other marketers it is an autoresponder.

    Without it, a business online will probably not make it.

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  7. KarenSmith67

    KarenSmith67 New Member

    I would have to say my telephone and website. I LOVE to talk on the phone and I can do serious business on the phone.

    Having a website to have people look at is a wonderful tool and I would not work a business without one.
  8. riccstar

    riccstar New Member

    I would say Facebook, 500 million users.
    A good place to get prospects if done in the right way
  9. SocialMediaWAHM

    SocialMediaWAHM New Member

    I would say my contact manager, which is Oprius. I don't promote it as an affiliate program, just use it, but since you asked the question if anyone wants it please go through me so i can earn my $3...

    Oprius is kind of like Act, but web based and is just an awesome way to keep all my contacts, tasks, appointments, email, etc. organized. It also tracks where I am in the sales process with each prospect. Couldn't run my business without my Oprius... [​IMG]
  10. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    For me it's my WebConferencing system. Yes I use the phone and skype also.

    Today's technology makes it much quicker to connect online than it was when I started marketing online over a decade ago.
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  11. CeleneHarrelson

    CeleneHarrelson New Member


    You got it! I love Aweber.
  12. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    Yes my favorite tool would be my aweber! It make life so much easier!
  13. Moira Wight

    Moira Wight New Member

    I love using Xheader - it 's free and I use it for creating headers for my wordpress sites, as well as for creating my own images to upload along with Facebook status updates, and profile images for Pages that my local business clients want put up
  14. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    Phone burner and emailers allows me the ability to cultivate leads for my business.
  15. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I also read a good number of motivational books. You need to be reading as many books as possible.

    You should read Think and grow Rich, The magic of thinking BIG, The power of positive thinking, etc..
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  16. NetWizard862

    NetWizard862 New Member

    I would say findaway (an app that i've recently installed on my iphone and it really helps me to stay away from my email), youtube (coz videos are just so much more comprehensive than written text) and seo powersuite (i do my entire seo with this one and it's due to it that I've been keeping a top place in SEs for a while now.
  17. Jacq1292

    Jacq1292 Member

    SocialOomph makes using Twitter a breeze and also provides helpful stats and link shortner. I love it and use it daily.
  18. Sandra Kline

    Sandra Kline New Member

    Mine is what I offer... Discount Plans for Dental and Medical... No one can ever go without seeing a Dentist or Doctor...
  19. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    First and foremost is my laptop! Then capture pages and autoresponders - it's take me a while but I realise that the last two do define your success online.
  20. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    I would probably have to say my autoresponder.
    Then a close second would have to be Viral Url.
    Those are the main tools I use.

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