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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by daygemini, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. daygemini

    daygemini New Member

    Hi,can anyone please direct me toward a work at home job that they are doing themselves and are successful with that costs minimal money to get started and that can make money very quickly.Is anyone familiar with website sounds really good but I'm really skeptical because I've been ripped off and scammed so much.Is anyone out there a member of real writing jobs?If so ,do you need to be a professional writer to get work?I know that these are probably stupid questions that I'm asking but I'm really in a desperate situation and I really need money fast and I need something that I can do from home and is going to be dependable.I appreciate any help any of you guys can offfer.Thanks a lot.
  2. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    daygemini: doing themselves and are successful with that costs minimal money to get started and that can make money very quickly
    GBG is a great company that I experienced pretty fast success with no business start up costs. You are required to buy the product, but it's not high priced.

    You probably wouldn't be interested in Network Marketing if you are looking for dependability though. Other than that, I'm not the right person to help you out.

    Article Marketing might be your best bet.. But it is also not necessarily dependable. I'm sure someone will stop by who can help you a little better with where it is you want to go.

  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Any and all opportunities will come down to marketing and or your list/warm marketing to create some income quickly. Network marketing is hands down the most powerful method for monthly residual income from home because of the leverage potential, however most that get started with it, quit when they are just getting momentum started, that will soon produce results.

    So, networking is something you may want to look into, and should in my view, but while there can and have been nice incomes generated quickly, for some, they need more training and time to build their marketing so that income will manifest, notwithstanding the comp plan of some companies that are a sheer "joke" for the average person to succeed with.

    If you are in a very desperate situation, trying to find some sort of linear work (job) is probably best initially, so that later you can focus on doing what needs to be done with building a profitable home business. I and many others can share low cost yet high profitable businesses opportunities with you, but it doesn't sound like, based on your post, you would be mentally ready for success and that is equally important as the opportunity that has powerful comp plan to generate you the income you desire.

    Try and take a moment to relax and focus on what it is you can do to relieve any immediate financial pain and then go from there. Also realize sometimes we have to let things "fall" so we can get back up. Holding on to something that is going to "fall" anyway causes more heartache and stress than moving on, which is what will occur at the end.

    Looking for a "magical" home business that will deliver $1,000s overnight, like it sounds like you need is rare to none. And those that say they can do that, often don't disclose marketing methods that would be needed and any related cost.

    So proceed with caution and understand viable legitimate Opportunity is there, many of us can attest to this, but immediate overnight type stuff most likely not, and you want to be mentally ready to do the "do" to have the success you desire.
  4. daygemini

    daygemini New Member

    I'm not exactly looking for a get rich quick thing,but because of the situation I'm in ,I do need at least 1000.00 in the next two to two and a half weeks.I know that I won't find anything that will make me rich overnight and if that's what my last post portrayed then that wasn't my intention.I want a real way to earn money from home,not to be rich overnight.
  5. Buddy

    Buddy New Member

    If you can sell, I know of a straight commission job you may be able to do over the phone. It would be better if you could drive to the customer and sell them face to face. It is a hard sell, walking to a merchant's store and convincing them to shell out $495 for a financial product, that will help them, but getting people to part with their money right now is very difficult. I have been selling for 25 years and I can do it and do pretty good, but it is not easy and I have a pretty thick skin. You have to print your own cards and flyers, and pay your own expenses. If you don't handle rejection well, it's not for you. But I think Cashman is dead on, all these opportunities will be here when you get flush again. Try to get something that will pay you by the hour for a while and then start building you home business.
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    daygemini: work at home job that they are doing themselves and are successful with that costs minimal money to get started and that can make money very quickly
    Sorry, can't help you there... nothing happens fast online. Except maybe to sell something on Ebay. I buy stuff at yard sales sometimes and make a few hundred bucks on Ebay which can help while you get something going online...
  7. Dcharles

    Dcharles New Member

    Do eBay trading you can make tons of money doing that
  8. MsMazSkincerity

    MsMazSkincerity New Member

    I've recently started a Home Based business, too, and it's working well for me so far. It's in network marketing and the potential is really there, but you have to stick with it, be don't start rolling in the dough right away, but it will come....and when it starts coming, it takes off like wildfire.
  9. coachred

    coachred New Member

    I have to agree. I have started one as well. I am doing great in it. But nothing worth the long run happens over night. But the potential is awesome. I wish you luck and I commend you for asking questions. If there is anything I can do to help or any specific questions you have I will be glad to help!
  10. bhuff85

    bhuff85 New Member

    If you want money fairly quick and know how to pen some good articles, go to and start plugging away. You don't earn much (maybe $2.50 to $3.50 per article), but it's a way to earn some quick cash when you need it and don't have time to try to find people who need articles written for them. Plus, they pay writers 3 times per week and it takes roughly 5 days for them to review your article. Basically, if you start now, you'd have money coming in every other day in about a weeks time.

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