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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by idventer, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. idventer

    idventer New Member

    I am in South Africa and need advice on which surveys to join that will pay me in SA. The only one that paid me so far is Global Test Market. They are great[​IMG]
  2. garygoh

    garygoh New Member

    Most of the survey companies pay its members USD. Just wondering why is it important for you to receive your cheuque in SA other than getting the cheque cleared faster?
  3. idventer

    idventer New Member

    Hi there and thank you for the response. I do not care how I get paid, as long s I can receive the money in South Africa. I am battling to find companies that gives surveys to South Africans ( International ). I need help to identify those companies so I can join up. I do have an Alertpay account that payments can be made to.
  4. drbillphd

    drbillphd New Member

    I don't know about South Africa.. but I have tried surveys and find that I was spending so much time doing them it worked out to about 30 cents an hour.. not my cup of tea, thanks...
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    In my expereince, paid surveys were a waste of money, but if you believe in them, one thing you can try is a Google search for something like "paid surveys South Africa" and see what you can find. You will have to be careful with the results, however, as you may find a bunch of websites that will try to get you to pay money to join so that they can sell you a database of paid surveys companies, most of which will most likely NOT be located in South Africa.
  6. bkb2012

    bkb2012 New Member

    I generally do not recommend this business opportunity because most are not legit. There are people who work as affiliate marketers online, but you still have to be careful to tap into the right business resources. My best advice is to stick with the major affiliate marketers who've been on the gameboard for at least 10 years...if not longer.
  7. idventer

    idventer New Member

    Thanks guys. Seems I should find something else.
  8. workfromhomepop

    workfromhomepop New Member

    getagrip: In my expereince, paid surveys were a waste of money,
    I could not agree with getagrip more, at best you may earn a few pennies, but mostly it'll be prizes you never seem to earn enough points for or an entry to a lottery. Try affiliate marketing, much better money maker, IMHO.
  9. shubh

    shubh New Member

    Most of the companies pay to the survey people after checking the reliability of collected data, so, first verify the payment terms. Try to get perfection in the usage of business analytical tools.
  10. bkb2012: I generally do not recommend this business opportunity because most are not legit.
    What makes paid surveys not legit?
    If a person takes a survey and gets paid for it, that sounds very legit to me.

    BALDEAGLE New Member

    Hi guys and girls, just joined the forum because i see you all talking about online surveys and who pays and who don't. I have recently joined about 6 or so sites from USA to South Africa and am wondering which pays and which don't. Is there a list of sites that pay out?

    Thanks all.
  12. happygal

    happygal Member

    Well, BALDEAGLE, what did you join? hard to comment on whether or not they are legit without knowing that first [​IMG]

    BALDEAGLE New Member

    Hi happygal

    global test market
    clix sense
    safe count community
    survey head
    home tester club south africa
    american consumer opinion
    survey savvy
    from home data entry
  14. patrick1968

    patrick1968 New Member

    Hi![​IMG] I have been with this company for awhile and they are one of my favorites,called and i looked on their sign up page and i noticed that South Africa is on their list of countries that they accept new members from,so you can give them a try if you like! [​IMG]
  15. nahNiku

    nahNiku New Member

    The main paid surveys you can get if you live in usa, uk, etc. Big survey companies doesn`t work with people from small countries. But you should give it a try and do it as someone here said to you - use google search...
  16. AusPaidSurveys

    AusPaidSurveys New Member

    Hey Mate, I suggest googling market research companies in your area and adding your name to their call list. They will give you a buzz when paid surveys become available in your area.

    I suggest going to every focus group you are invited to as they usually pay the best. Hope this helps
  17. khristal23

    khristal23 New Member

    I have never had much luck with them myself. Pinecone Research is one of the best, and even they recently cut their pay. Also, signing up with them is rather difficult unless you know exactly where to look.
  18. P Joseph

    P Joseph New Member

    Normally I would suggest staying country specific when it comes to paid online survey sites, I mean it is easier to flaw flaws in a local context, not to mention the fact that surveys are often more interesting when they have some recognition of who they are talking to.... but south Africa is well placed to take advantage of exchange rates when it comes to international surveys..... (i.e. being paid in dollars): thus I would recommend reliable international sites (and their South African Branches-) like,, etc...

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