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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by hnjrivera, May 21, 2007.

  1. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    Ok I am tired of losing money to try and make money. I support my family of 5 on $650 a month my husband just did get another job, but its only temp. He had problems with his boss at the last place not paying taxes so we had alot to pay out ourselves.

    This has put us back alot. My mortgage is $654 a month so my income is going to pay the mortgage lately. Starting next month after bills are payed we will have about $100 left over, if my husbands work keeps going.

    Does anyone know of any good things I can do online to make extra cash over the next year without forking out a ton of cash? I can work about 5 hours a day online.

    If its MLM please dont mention it as an option I dont do those. I have lost thousands doing those never to make a penny. I dont even have enough cash on hand to try one of those again.

    I am not looking for get rich quick stuff but just an extra $100 or more each month for awhile to help pay some extra bills.

    I tried survey sites and its not even worth my time anymore. Never made a penny after 3 years of doing them.

  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    If you can write, you can look for freelance writing jobs on the internet.
  3. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Hmm, you could check out Holly Mann's ebook called honest riches. She has some pretty good info about how to make money with no money to start.
  4. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member


    Perhaps you should seriously consider getting your own Web site to facilitate whatever you decide to do online. Realistically, it's the most reliable approach to developing a consistent Internet income.

    It will require time, research and money, but the investment could pay big dividends down the road.

    Just imagine what you could have been earning today, if you had put the thousands you lost on MLM, into your own products, and sold them from your own Web site.

    It's never too late!

  5. jseses

    jseses New Member


    I saw on one of your other posts that you have a list of dropshippers. Why don't you pick put a few products that you see are easy to sell. Something that people would want and not too expensive.

    Then, place the item for sale on It's free to do. Make sure it's a real product and not a digital one. Then either send the people to your site or the dropshippers site using your id.

    You should be able to easily make a couple of hundred a week/month this way.

    BTW is free to use. It's a giant classifieds site. I'm sure you know about it.
  6. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I agree with A8ch- You can start building your own website for FREE using
    its only 10 dollars per month for hosting.
  7. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    I just found out about the other day. I have been trying doing the dropshipping thru auctions. The Problem is the only buyers I am getting are these idiots that keep sending me $2500 checks and want me to wire the money back. Its a very well known scam and I gave up after the 10th check came.

    I suppose I could start up a site and put a few things and try and sell them, it would help me out some. I may give that a try $10 a month isnt bad for hosting. I have a host already for a few other sites that I have but they dont bring money in. And its not easy doing the html to make a whole page of items so I think the builder would work best.

    I wish I had those thousands and the thousands I lost on Paid to surf sites. I am just so tired of losing money. Its crazy how many scams are out there lately. I will give the site a try and craigslist and will update everyone.

  8. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    I forgot that I had a site up and hadnt done anything with it. So figured I would try the shop there. So far its looking good. the next thing is to make the front page a bit more attractive. I better make some money off the site. the site cost me and Patsy $200 for a year and I havent done anything with it since Dec. when we first bought it. This might work out good then I can start a second one to with the builder you mentioned and have 2 going.

  9. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Microsoft offers free hosting and domain name registration for life
  10. savannah

    savannah New Member

    Quoting: pcworkMicrosoft offers free hosting and domain name registration for life

    I looked into getting a domain name with microsoft and it said that it's free until the "beta" what does that mean?
  11. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Quoting: hnjriveraSo far its looking good. the next thing is to make the front page a bit more attractive

    Hey Hilda, maybe you would like to provide a link to your page so maybe we guys here could provide a few humble opinions to help out?

    Just a suggestion.

    Yeah...I lost thousands in mlms too...hate 'em...

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