Need help about getting paid.

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by CarolinaGuy1979, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member

    Ok I signed up for the total pay card and decided to not want it so I canceled it the next day and signed up for Direct Deposet, but it said Direct Deposet would not go into effect till 1/04/2010 ok and under total pay card it says date to be canceled 12/21/2009 so will I get a check that day or will my pay check go on the total pay card? the reason I asked is cause I never got a total pay card, I talked to the payroll department but they told me to check back on 12/16/2009 after 12pm cst.
  2. wife2mikejh

    wife2mikejh New Member

    Maybe they are mailing you a check?
  3. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Andy .... saw you switched off GE huh.... then yhey offered anothe program for a gas company? sounds like good news for you! I read somewhere that the first pay is a check....

    I am awaiting a clearance at my bank for DD - but the date on mine is next paydate also.

  4. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    PS ...anyone know where the HALL OF FAME for DR is? I could not find it and they say I have something posted for my customer nice feedback - although nothing on the my perforamance pays...

    still trying to get a straight answer as to how we can make the extra $120/wk for commisions......
  5. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member

    Yeah I switched from GE took them 4 days to offwe mw Deminion gas but now I am wondering if I made a mistake cause alot of calls (mainly this time of year) Will due to people calling in whose gas has been turned off cause of non payment, talking about getting cussed out LOL.
  6. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    ohh man ANDY - I would hate to take calls from folks with the gas shut off... are you supposed to do pay arrangements too? YIKES!

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