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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Falcao, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Falcao

    Falcao New Member

    Hello to all here, I've been in the internet business for a couple of months now, I used the PL system and I'm very happy with what I've learned there. I created a site and worked on a couple of traffic generation tactics. As of now I can say that I'm getting ok traffic, but for some reason this traffic doesn't convert. What am I doing wrong; I've tried different things to improve my adsense revenue without much success. If anyone sees what I'm doing wrong here please let me know, I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you in advanced.

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  2. Paul DArcy

    Paul DArcy New Member

    Well, I'm no expert -but when I land on your site I really don't know what you want me to do...

    Do you sell ice-breaker games? I don't see where they are.

    Do you want me to leave your site via one of the ad-sense ads?

    Do you want to sell me hypnosis?
    Am I going to use hypnosis to 'break the ice' with people I meet?

    The text is small and tightly packed. I'm not going to strain my eyes to read it.

    Try this:

    1.) Decide what action you want your visitors to take and focus all your efforts into leading your visitors to take that one singular action.

    2.) Break up your content into smaller, bite sized pieces.
    You probably have a lot of great information -but I don't need it all at once.

    Give it to me in little bits...

    -separated by some empty space.

    Try those two things and see where that gets you. [​IMG]

  3. Hi Falcao,

    Along the same lines as Paul said.

    I see different things going on on your site. Your site needs to be very specific. Only promote things that relate very specifically to your content.

    If people visit you site to get more info on "Ice Breakers", why would they click on a "Hypnotism" ad? You see?

    have an article on the site specifically about hypnotism if you are going to promote it.

    As far as the Adsense ads go, try switching to the Text ads, they get more clicks then the type you have now.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Falcao

    Falcao New Member

    Ok this sounds great, I really appreciate it, ill give it a try and see how it goes. thanks a lot.
  5. rabbiya

    rabbiya New Member

    it will work out. try it[​IMG]

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