Need some advice on how to create links when placing ads

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by centigray, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. centigray

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    Can someone show me the steps on how to create text links or banner links when placing ads. I received a "Website", BBcode, and direct link, all in the form of a line of text...when I copy them and paste them when placing ads, they do work. Am I making sense? I see so many ads where it says, "CLICK HERE" or click on banners that all direct customers to the respective websites.

    Any technical steps to show me how to do this would be greatly appreciated!


  2. mountainmom5

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    some paces where you can place ads for free it doesn't allow you to place all the html that is in a banner or image ad so that is probably your problem.

    Set up a simple page with something free like webs or weebly where you can test stuff like that - if it works on YOUR page but not on wherever you are wanting to place it, then you'll know it's not the ad.
  3. gowriter

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    BBcode and HTML work slightly different although there are a few similarities. BB code is the code used in the signature portion of this forum.

    For example, If your site is called

    As an HTML text link it would be written:

    In BBCode, you say url= (no quotations marks). Similar to the HTML code but you use square brackets like this: instead. T

    Then put your text link in between the square brackets. I can't write the entire BBcode on this platform because it will simply just change into a text link. It mimics the HTML code but without the carat brackets, the "a href" part nor the quotes.

    Using "click here" as a text link is not recommended because it doesn't bring link juice to your site from the page you're linking to. You want your anchor text to be either the keyword phrase you're optimizing for on your page or something very similar to it.

    So if you wrote a blog post optimizing for the keyword phrase "cake decorating ideas", you can say: Click Here for more cake decorating ideas.

    But make "cake decorating ideas" or "decorating ideas for cakes" your anchor text, not "click here." That way you can draw the link juice form a social book marking site or article directory to your site via a relevant text link.

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