Need to find digital product wholesalers, not affiliate programs. Help please?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by NetMecca, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. NetMecca

    NetMecca Member

    I am currently developing a worldwide version of my online business (which currently only serves North America). Unfortunately this means my product composition needs another look, as physical delivery is very impractical. Wondering if anyone out there has any idea of perhaps some wholesalers of digital products that I can get in touch with.

    I am NOT looking for affiliate programs as I need to do transactions on my site, to maintain the integrity of the business model, but would be very appreciative of any help and suggestions that anyone can offer in my search.

  2. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I am not sure exactly what it is you are asking so I may not be of much help. I can only tell you that I provide a world wide product via videos with program called digital access pass also known as DAP!
  3. NetMecca

    NetMecca Member

    Not quite it I think, but thank you very much for the suggestion. I have in fact found several sources of ebooks and software that are able to sell me a reseller license for some fairly decent products to sell, will decent enough margins as well.

    Hope you have a wonderful day
  4. Aron Prins

    Aron Prins New Member

    Hey NetMecca,

    Feel free to inbox me here or via my website ( just Google my name ;) ) and I'll be able to offer you a broad selection of products.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Aron Prins
  5. kingsway

    kingsway New Member

    Hi NetMecca, have you tried this site?

    All the best...:)
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  6. NetMecca

    NetMecca Member

    I will have a look thank you
  7. barbara20

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