Nerium As A Real Game Changer

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  1. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    Nerium is a direct sales company located in Addison Texas. Something is very different about this new skin care company. What is it?

    I bring this to the forum for their review, awareness and consideration. I encourage you to take a good hard look before you comment.

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  2. vhaun

    vhaun New Member

    One thing that really amazed me with this company is the way they launched. Very impressive with everything all systems go right from the start! My order arrived amazingly fast and everything about it is impressive! From the packaging to the contents, really impressive. This is going to be a massive force in the industry, no doubt about it!
  3. gurneyteam

    gurneyteam New Member

    Game Changer is right...In all my years in this industry I have never seen a startup company come out of the gate the way this company is. They have it all..the product, the company, the management, the infrastructure. They seriously have their act together..everything is done and done right...they are setting the bar for the way it's supposed to be done...way to go will shake up the industry guaranteed.

    Brett Gurney
    Nerium Brand Partner

    skype brettgurney

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  4. barb2

    barb2 New Member

    I signed up and am really excited about this product...the before and after picture of the hands is just amazing...I cannot wait to try it! Best part is....This one product does the work of 2, 3, or more products...Looking forward to this!
  5. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    Thanks for the input. They definitely look like they have their act together.
  6. toddm

    toddm New Member

    On the advice of a friend I took a look at Nerium. I was suprised from the moment I was on the web site. The product with the before and after pictures was incredible. The web site is very complete- stocked with information about the product and the opportunity. I joined right away and was even more blown away the back office. This is a first class company from start to finsih.
  7. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    Nerium?„? Intl. is the first mlm I've seen that took the time to launch professionally. Nerium's?„? training, calls and marketing tools are also better than mlm companies that have been around for many years. Their new skin care product NeriumAD?„? has the science and real results substantiated behind it that make it second to none.

    Nerium?„? products cannot be duplicated or some version of them end up in some health food store. They use a special plant extraction process on the nerium oleander that they grow and harvest.

    So far, I am deeply impressed with Nerium?„? International.
  8. vhaun

    vhaun New Member

    Update... I've now been using Nerium AD for a week and let me tell you, this product works and works very well! I'm seeing a huge improvement in my skin tone, skin texture, age spots are already starting to fade and what really shocks me the most.... in just this short time of using the product one time per day, my wrinkles are lessening! I'm amazed that one product can do this! Make sure you apply it to damp skin... you'll find it works best this way.

    I joined with the basic business kit and order of one bottle. After seeing so many companies flop right out of the gate, I was hesitant to spend more. This company has already proven itself, I upgraded yesterday to the success pack and I suggest everyone do the same. If you are just now aligning with Nerium, come in with that success package.
  9. vhaun

    vhaun New Member

    In just this short time period that Nerium International has been live, I've seen this company do things that it normally takes companies years to do! Truly a class act in every way! I'm thrilled to be aligned with Nerium International and plan to build a massive team with a true team approach, one team, on common goal!
  10. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Looks good to me too. You guys and ladies are going to do well if you stick with it.
  11. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    It is 2016 and Nerium is still going strong, giving others the lifestyle and time freedom everyone desires.

    They did 1 Billion in sales in 2015.

    Also they were #1 on the 2015 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private U.S. companies in consumer products and sales.

    You don't make these numbers by being mediocre. This is a top notch company.
  12. TJamMoneyMan

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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    I research and review all companies and products, and was sent a sample of Nurium several years ago and evaluated it personally. Not bad, but for the price, insane. Guess it is a case of personal experience, but I saw very little difference after a few months of use, had others try it as well, and at best, a good moisturizer but no cure for wrinkles and in a very crowded industry where there are thousands of similar products, sorry, but not worth the cost to me. I have evaluated other products with oleander oil, and at a fraction of cost, and worked as well, so best of luck selling an overpriced product like Nerium, most will need it.


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