New age MLM Recruiting secrets (what 7-figure people do)

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  1. As the times are growing, we should grow too!

    With all the advancement in technology, using the Internet is one of the best things you can do!

    3 things I can suggest you start doing right now!

    1. Get a blog! – Internet gives you the power to virtually ‘attract’ the right targeted market. Get a blog, start producing content, and start attracting and building your audience.
      Content on your blog should be related to your niche- eg- weight loss, nutrition, make money online etc.

    2. Leads- you need leads. Best way to build relationships with the traffic you get on your blog, and social media! Serve your leads, give value, and build relationship. As they start trusting you and knowing you as a genuine guy, they’ll start buying from you.

    3. Stop prospecting- running after people and asking them if they are interested, is way too old school. Get your hands on some good trainings, follow what leaders in the industry do. I am not saying prospecting is bad, its just inefficient. Think of ways to promote your presentation online, that’s marketing. Home meetings can give you a personal touch, no doubt, but start exploring the online world. There’s a reason why people are making millions online. I want you to be teachable, and know and realize, that there are other ways of building a business online. Be teachable, be ready to explore.
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