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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Jaypro26, Nov 21, 2012.

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    So I got accepted into Peerfly and have made 12.50 so far lol, Is there a way to promote email submits without ppc or email marketing? As of right now I no money to invest because it's all going in to pay my isp. I am not the best writer and I am trying to promote free offers and stuff. Any advice would be helpful. I wish I could afford a coach.
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    Hello! First I just want to say been a great writer is a skill for most people it's not a talent. You just have to observe a bit first.

    Go to some popular blogs in your niche read a couple articles there and even go to a few article directories like ezine and read there.

    If the article you're reading keeps your attention then there's a good change it would keep someone else's as well.

    Gather content about what you plan on writing on and make a note of it. Also do a bit of keyword research using google adwords.

    The articles will practically write themselves after that. Now you just need to visit some of those blogs and directories again

    This time however you're here to submit content. I hope you find this helpful;)

    Kind Regards
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    First of all, you are not going to make enough money when you have small commissions.

    For the same effort, you can promote products that pay you anywhere between $50-$500.

    It is as easy to sell a $50-$500 to a customer as if you were to make only $10 or what ever the commissions are there.
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