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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by h3arditallb4, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. h3arditallb4

    h3arditallb4 New Member

    I just wanted to stop by and said HEY! I got an email from West on Friday offering me a job. I applied so very long ago and I'm REALLY happy that they finally contacted me! I sent in my paperwork & I'm just waiting. I'm so looking forward to being a West employee! Random question, or two, maybe three - is the background check still free? I was reading through the threads and I saw that at some point they were. How will I know if one was done? The three day time limit (to get your documents in) is that set in stone? Is that three business days or does that include weekends?
  2. trpennington

    trpennington New Member

    You will have to pay for the background check but they will pay for the drug test. Good Luck, I had my first webinar yesterday and start my training for Comcast today.
  3. vrodriguez

    vrodriguez New Member

    Hi, I just got hired. Do you think I can use a magicjack, if not what do you suggest. I need to provide them with the number that I will be using and I need it ASAP

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