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  1. Aspire

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    I am with a MLM company called FFi and our lead product reduces fuel use and exhaust emissions. In my Googling I came across a company with a competative product called Nano Tech Fuels.

    Did a check on it and it is a Publicly listed company with a factory in China. The share prices bottomed out with flat trading over 6 months and it looked like it was in real trouble.

    Guess what???? - they have turned to MLM to try and save their company. What's interesting is that their compensation plan is nearly a carbon copy of 50% of FFi's.

    I received an email making all kinds of claims and downing my MLM. I followed the links and it lead me to a page that was FREE on Godaddy with links to the corporate web site. The email of the person promoting it was a Hotmail account.

    They are pushing for leaders to migrate their downlines across and even offering free signups.

    The writing on the wall is all wrong with this one and I suggest caution to anyone considering it.

    If the products were so good, why were they not able to make it as a publicly listed company selling through retail.

    I would also be cautious about the fact that they have a corporate infrastructure and shareholders who are going to need profits. MLM should direct the majority of the profits to those working it in the downlines.

    If anyone has any info on this please list it in this posting.
  2. RayvinAndRob

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    Very interesting.

    Aspire: they have a corporate infrastructure and shareholders who are going to need profits.

    I wonder if the CEO and his magnificent management team, none of whom have likely ever spent any time in the field building an MLM organization of their own, can even spell MLM?[​IMG] I highly doubt it.

    Rob Nyte
  3. Aspire

    Aspire New Member

    From what I have been able to find out, they went flat out in the beginning and had considerable success selling general retail and corporate. What is interesting is that the customers who gave them their success in the beginning stopped purchasing, and this sent their shares plummeting down.

    What is sad is that obviously they are turning to MLM to recover the company, when they have already displayed that they can not hold clients on the strength of their products.

    The caution here is that they are selling the MLM business side to get it on track again when they have proved that customers do not re-purchase.
  4. Zurvita

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    Nice investigative work, like you said this one looks sketchy. Unfortunately, they will lure some people in, which only makes the industry tougher for the legit opportunities.

    Posts like yours can help prevent that from happening to people so great work!

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