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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by tropicalbenzo, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    Anyone else had a message on the .net site about a new opportunity?

    maybe its not a new opp because it says its for one of W's tv retail clients, so maybe its for Sho*N*C or H*N..possibly D*

    wish I knew which one, i havent clicked on the link yet because i dont know if its gonna automatically say i accepted offer OR if it will describe it first and then give me the chance to click interested or not interested.

    from kal!:

    says hours of operation are Mon-Frid 9pm-12am and daytime/nighttime hours on sat and sund.

    says u should only express interest if u can PICK UP schedules during those time frames.

    if anyone's clicked the link yet, does it just says u accepted and thanks OR does it give u a short description then allows u to accept or decline?
  2. angiedbc456

    angiedbc456 New Member

    I have had those surveys for trugreen, verizon wireless, and the latest one was satilliate radio. I which they would just start hiring people and not send surveys
  3. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    well. i got all the survey, trugreen , satellite, verizon, disney pack. and now the skill opportunity tv retail...
  4. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    I really want the H*N skill - hoping it comes thru when I am welcomed in the email forthcoming.

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