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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Taylor, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Taylor

    Taylor New Member


    My name is Taylor. I am new to the whole forum thing and also I am new to a company that people can consider network marketing but a lot of the people are customers and not promoting it for money. Any recommendations to go about getting people interested or finding key things to talk about to help progress the business, but most importantly to help other people out like the product has helped me? Anything would help. Thanks for the input in advance.

  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    People are interested in things that will benefit them. Why would someone want your product or service? How could it help them?

    Find ways to make people want it.

    Welcome to the forum Taylor. :)
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  3. Taylor

    Taylor New Member

    Thanks man, it is a product I think everyone would benefit from plus we can make some money :) Thanks for the welsome and I will be searching through this site to find some insite on what to do and/or if anyone on here is interested. Thanks again for replying and I hope everyone has a great day.
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  4. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    It depends on what your product is for example if you are in a health and wellness company you could give out health tips. This would attract people to you. But more important make sure you are branding yourself and not the company. Get people interested in YOU and you will be able to build any company you want.
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  5. Taylor

    Taylor New Member

    Thanks for the help Dereco. It is a health and wellness product/products. I personally have only used the product for a month. I used to have really bad headaches (10/10), but after using it for a month I am not down to a (3/10). I will find the best way to market myself and the products because everyone has nutritional gaps in their body and the product I use fills those gaps in. So this lead me to believe that I was deficient in a vitamin or mineral that was causing my headaches. If you have anymore tips on how to differentiate myself and sell myself with the product I am open to suggestions. I want to better my life physically and also I want to better other peoples lives. :) thanks again for the reply. Have a great day.
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  6. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Taylor, the answer is staring you right in the face.

    Tell people how you were able to decrease the intensity of your headaches from a level 10 down to a level 3 after using the product(s) for only one month. Let them know how much better you feel now, and how it has made a significant difference in your quality of life.

    If you answer their "what-will-this-do-for-me" question by providing a testimonial of how you have personally benefitted, it goes a long way towards establishing trust and believability. So, use your own story (and other people's) to draw attention to the product and highlight its health benefits.

    The next step is to create momentum by further stimulating their interest in the income-earning component. Then go from there.

    All the best.

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  7. JohnC

    JohnC New Member

    Very good point Hermas. Basically first you must believe it yourself. If your headache went from 10 to 3 you have first hand belief in your product. Now go tell people.
  8. Taylor

    Taylor New Member

    Thanks for the reply, I have been using our 150,000 success stories when I talk to people plys I use mine. The issue for me is where I live. A lot of the people dont want to pay the money even though the product is amazing. I am trying to branch out into online places and also keep talking to people in person. I have just not found a place to advertise or promote my experience/business products that doesnt cost a lot of money. I know I have to invest to earn money and I have been trying different places. So in all reality, what I am looking for is a place to advertise my product that I can get people interested in and also help them make an income. I dont know if there is an advertising section on here or not that is why I keep exploring my options on this page and continue to look and seek advice which I am getting from here. Thanks again so far. This is awesome
  9. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    No, this is not the place to advertise but it is a good place to learn how.
    Creating your own blog is one of the cheapest routes for long term.
    There are also lots threads on this forum about paid/free ad usage.
    (one could go to Google and bid to put banner ads on this site)
    Every person and business is unique but the basics are the same.
    You are on the right track, just keep LEarning and start Earning.
  10. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    You can be different by just being you. There is not another Taylor like you on this planet. Give your audience what they want. You could talk about top 5 ways to get rid of headache and have a call to action to send you an email if they want some more information on what you are using to get rid of headaches. You could use this in a video, blog post or even an audio mp3.
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  11. greginmotion

    greginmotion New Member

    New to forum as well! :)

    Not new to mlm though. It sounds like you're loving the product a lot, I would suggest leading with the product.

    Focus on a target market. Target market are people most likely to buy your product. (If you were selling phones you'd want to target people in the market for phones right?)

    Sure everyone needs a phone but that doesn't make everyone your target because they might not be in the market for it.

    Same thing goes with mlm. My biggest advice so as not to get "hung up" on defining a target market is to ask yourself who you are. You joined right? Where do people like you hang out and what was the major benefit that sold you on the product?

    I'm in a travel company for instance, I have a huge passion for travel and living a lifestyle by my own design, so a travel mlm works perfectly. I'm also extremely familiar with network marketing and internet marketing (I read IM blogs like crazy) and I often generate my own leads using the internet (89 yesterday).

    My target market is me - people seeking to build something like a mlm but wanting to do it online versus just using offline methods. (though I like those too).

    You'll find by going after people like you, you'll instantly have an advantage because you absolutely 100% relate to them and their situation.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Ria Vermeulen

    Ria Vermeulen New Member

    Here in the Philippines there is a huge competition going on between Health/Wealth companies. My impression is that worldwide the situation is the same. I personally believe there are also a lot of scams in this field. With scams I mean fake products and/or pyramid schemes where only the ones in the top get rich and the rest is left behind. So, I hope you are with a reliable company. Did you check them out first before joining?

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to the forum, one of the best places to learn to earn, and then earn to learn more. Networking is where you never stop learning, and the more your learn, the more you earn. When looking for the right business opportunity, it is not easy with thousands to choose from.

    My advice, as others have stated, seek a product or service that first and foremost saves everyone money on what they are already using. Think of something you can relate to which makes it easy to explain to others. Ask a question, don't hard sell it, just tell it and if your product or service saves everyone you talk to money, of course they would be interested. That is how I evaluate a business opportunity, and whenever you can exceed a persons expectations, then you have a long term business opportunity. Everyone wins when you can save everyone money, never mind time and hassle, which are other motivators for most people.

    As example, I recently came across what I believe to be the business opportunity of my lifetime, and I have seen them all. Simply put, I ask a prospect if they have a TV? Simple, and of course everyone does, in fact, according to statistics, every family has 2.9 TV's per household. Now that is a lot of TV's, and each person is a prospect. Next question, do you have cable or satellite? Simple, now just listen as everyone I have talked to hates their cable or satellite companies, and most have used both, so let them vent, easy as can be for they will talk themselves into buying what we offer, a low cost superior alternative to monopolies everyone loves to hate. Try it, this is so easy anyone can do it. Just for kicks, follow the above and see for yourself.

    That is how big this opportunity is, and streaming TV has been all over the press with Apple, Google, Amazon, Netfilx and HBO is going full steam ahead to streaming which experts have stated is a paradigm shift in entertainment industry. Everyone wants to see success in their business, but it is not easy for most since most hate selling, never mind the rejection factor which destroys most peoples quest for success before they even begin, often times the rejection of just one friend or family member is enough to make the average person quit before they begin. Every successful person has had numerous failures on their journey to success, so never quit, and if you choose wisely, success is the most fun you will ever have.

    Success to all,
  14. Tom Nalis

    Tom Nalis New Member

    Hi Taylor, well, you seem to have total trust in your product and its ability to get rid of headache! This is halfway through already. You have the belief, now you just find a way to communicate it! Some ways to get started;
    1) Create a landing page where you tell your story. Not only show your product with a description and price but also include something of 'you'. Tell your story there, give this page a 'face' that people relate to and get engaged quickly.
    2) Start advertising your landing page on social media, relevant forums (must be forums where people discuss headaches), YouTube (tell your story on video and target it with the right keywords) etc. etc.
    I'd say when you go for this first you'll very quickly learn new ways on the way! It's both a fun, lucrative and rewarding journey! Enjoy it!
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  15. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    Totally agree. You can never be too careful with those things, especially when it comes to health.

    YAGOOFT Active Member


    No doubt, of all the home based businesses, the most crowded of all is nutritional supplement category. Not only in the Philippines, but worldwide. Having seen it all in this category, I would have to say it would take a miracle product which worked instantly to get me back into this industry. I am firm believer in evaluating all products for a minimum of 90 days giving products adequate time to live up to claims, and to date, none have for me. And if they don't live up to the hype for me, the chance they won't for others is very high, and I can't recommend any products that I haven't seen results with personally.

    There are thousands of nutritional supplement companies, and no doubt, this is a huge industry, but unless you represent products that perform as promoted, the attrition rate in this industry is the worst of all, so as a business opportunity, this presents a challenge most cannot overcome, so choose wisely when it comes to the supplement and nutritional industry. With so many examples of companies not even complying with label accuracy, never mind safety issues, this is a difficult industry to feel comfortable promoting.

    Short story, I was in Herbalife back in the 80's and had worked hard building up a nice organization, and it was their weight loss product which was driving growth, which I had used with some success, but it takes more than personal success, it takes others to see same success in order to duplicate and grow into a viable business. Having hit six figures in just over two years, I was feeling great, and then came the collapse, almost overnight. Some one had died claiming it was the product, and then all the naysayer MLM haters came out of the woodwork, and the liberal media jumped all over Herbalife and I lost my income almost completely in three months. Turned out to be untrue, and like most in this sue crazy society, it was all about greed trying to blame death on supplement.

    Bottom line, you might be with one of the oldest most well known companies and you can still lose it all when one person decides to sue with false claims and all MLM supplement companies are under the microscope by all the MLM haters, so it is one of the most risky of all businesses as I learned first hand in industry. Herbalife came back strong over the years, but once again they are being attacked by stock manipulation whores who have made claim of ponzi scheme and once again, distributors are being hurt over this while the greed motivated stock owners are shorting stock in hoped of making millions, and screw the distributors at the same time. I didn't stay with Herbalife, but hey, lesoon learned, never work one business, and never count on fact supplement industry is safe bet to put all your eggs in one basket.

    Success to all,
  17. Nico

    Nico New Member

    Hi everyone my name is Nico and I am in desperate need of help lol. I just started my mlm bussiness I am with two companies
    iv had a really hard time getting people to join in person so I decided to see how I can get people to join online and I just need some guidance and serious advise I haven't made not one sale in either company its been months.

    one is a health and wellness the other is vacation deals when traveling
    what is the first thing I should take action to get some leads

    its been a while im not giving up because I want to be financially free so I can be more of a blessing.
    thanks everyone for your Help.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to the forum,

    No doubt, you have chosen two of the most competitive categories as business opportunities, so be prepared for what you have already experienced, difficult to sign people up personally, and with the internet, it doesn't get any easier as a beginner. We all have to start somewhere, but I would say from experience, better to use your personal approach to start for you will be just another unknown entity on the internet where it is easy to get lost in the crowd of thousands who are marketing the same deals. You will learn a great deal on forums like this, so learn to earn is the first goal you have to set for yourself.

    Success to all,
  19. Evita Stern

    Evita Stern New Member

    I agree, the only reason why I am even apart of network marketing is because I stumbled upon a great company, with great products, and a great compenstation. At first I was just interested in the products. I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted to do it naturally, and without all te side effects of the many weight loss products on the market. I had a friend that mailed me some products in the mail, and at this time, I was going to the gym regularly and had only lost 4 lbs. but within using the products for just 4 days, I was down an additional 4 lbs. I was amazed, I continued to take the products to see what else would happen, long story short, people started to inquiry about my weight loss journey, and I decided I wanted to get paid for my story. If the products did not work for me, there would be no way I would want to waste other people's time with the products. And its true, you cannot sell the dream, looking like a nightmare. I see too many people that have not lost weight and are still unhealthy trying to get folks to buy into the bs. Bottom line, I am happy that I made the change to be my own boss, and get paid by showing other folks the business plan.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to forum,

    Always nice to hear from new businesses, and along with it, success with the products first and foremost. Weight loss is a big market, no doubt, so if you saw success losing weight, then you become a walking billboard. I can't tell you how many times I was approaced by overweight distributors selling a weightloss product which to me was a little strange since they never lost weight themselves. Good luck in your goal of losing weight and making it a business at the same time.

    Success to all,

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