New to internet marketing, very lost :(

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by imaDG, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. imaDG

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    Hi guys im new to this forum, and im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.

    Don't get me wrong, i've done a fair amount of research in the internet marketing area. I've just started the "Challenge", which used to be the thirty day challenge.

    Will that program get me anywhere? I've joined clickbank, but i have no idea what to promote, and where to promote it...

    Is it worth even trying to make it now in the internet marketing, or should i just give up?

    Any kind of response will be greatly appreciated .
  2. fixaprob

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  3. mountainmom5

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    imaDG: Is it worth even trying to make it now in the internet marketing, or should i just give up?
    absolutely it is worth it.... the link below is where we talk about the basics of internet (or affiliate) marketing as it sounds like you may not totally understand what it is all about. [​IMG]

    What IS Internet or Affiliate Marketing

    You mentioned you joined Clickbank but have no idea what to promote.... it happens all the time. What you need to do FIRST is decide what niche YOU want to promote or write about. Don't worry, there is SOMETHING ... SOMEWHERE that you can promote on your site then.

    SBI is the best program I have found yet that will take you from knowing nothing, to building your own website and learning about SEO all in one package deal. and it is all done without having to learn all the techy stuff.

    I was able to learn all about keywords, seo and writing articles right along with building my site, before I ever had to learn about html and all that not so fun stuff.

    But now is as great a time as ever to get on the internet marketing band wagon.[​IMG]
  4. sarauk

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    I know how you feel it easy to start as an affiliate but then you are overwhelmed with information thrown at you right left and center. You need this e-book to understand SEO and that to learn another term. if you lose focus you really get lost with the information overload.

    There are a lot of free materials, you need to set a list of things you want to learn and do not lose focus, one item at a time, as a newbie it can be very tempting, you start one program, then you get distracted with more money making program.

    Good Luck
  5. talfighel

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    Starting with affiliate marketing can be challenging for someone like you who is new. I really do suggest that you educate yourself first before diving in.

    There is a book on the market called:

    How I made my first MILLION on the internet
    By Ewen Chia.

    I have personally read this book and it is very good and I totally recommend it. You can not get it in your local bookstore but you can go to Barnes and Noble and get it from there.

    This book will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you.


    You would need to go to
  6. kenwrites

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    Is affiliate marketing worth it. Absolutely. Is it easy? No and it can be overwhelming.

    Go through The Challenge this year. From what I have seen so far they are taking things a bit slower this year which is good. It will give you time to literally wrap your head around things. You will have access to some great marketing tools through the process as well.

    I know this is bad marketing on my part but....don't buy anything else. Look around by all means, but don't purchase anything until you have a better grasp what direction you want to go . The Challenge will give you some good ideas as well.

    Above all be consistent in your efforts.

    To your Success
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Just keep going step by step in your learning. Stay focus and believe in yourself. You will not likely have success instantly or overnight, but you can do it.

    Yes, finding the right products/services to advertise in affiliate marketing is amongst the biggest challenges. You have to find some and test market it to see if it works and yields profits. If not work on something else.
  8. imaDG

    imaDG New Member

    Thank you everyone for your posts, very useful information.

    One more question, should i be building a website, or posting links on blogs like clickbank hoplinks?
  9. sarauk

    sarauk New Member

    imaDG: Thank you everyone for your posts, very useful information.

    One more question, should i be building a website, or posting links on blogs like clickbank hoplinks?
    If you know how to build a site then good if not you can learn, the easiest way is starting a blog in blogger, you do not need to know any technical stuff. Learn as you go. Nobody is born a guru we all start from somewhere, it is hard work though just have faith you can do it.
  10. Richertalk

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    This is a great topic and one which crops up all the time. You can spend an enormous amount of time consuming ebooks and other materials related to internet marketing as suggested elsewhere in this post, first get some idea of what you want your internet marketing career to look like.

    This is THE most important aspect to consider and will determine which resources you need to study and implement. Again as suggested earlier in this post, SBI or Site Build It! is by far the best website building package available if that's what you want to establish.

    By the sound of your post, it looks like you are looking to promote other people's products as opposed to your own. However, developing your own offering will make you unique and should ultimately be your goal.

    Think about what skills you can offer and develop a solutions provider mindset as opposed to a selling attitude, and consider that people come online (like your good self in this post) looking for solutions. What solutions can you uniquely provide?

    Consider also if you will, that even today's online gurus have not been marketing online for much more than 10 years which makes for an enormous opportunity. Go for it!
  11. jenni2010

    jenni2010 New Member

    Don't give up, it's ABSOLUTLY worth staying in and working hard at. Success doesnt come in a day, try to tell yourself everyday that "failure is not an option" and keep pushing on[​IMG] Also, as far as clickbank goes, it can be very hard to sort through and find a product you want to promote. If you go to and type in something of interest that you'd like to promote (ex. cooking) you'll get a list of products more related to your search. I hope that makes sence.
  12. Jtnz1

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    Good advise above, as stated its definitely worth sticking to Internet Marketing will never run out of opportunities.

    Selling products is good but you need to know where to find your target audience, such as forums about what your selling i.e If you were selling "pet training tips" join forums discussing pet training tips add some valued info. and always add a signature with a back link to your product or website.

    Get yourself a copy of "web masters traffic course" this book will explain the different marketing strategies you can use and how to use them effectively. If you cant find it for free let me know.
  13. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Stick to ONE method and master it.. then move on to other income streams.. don't buy product after product hoping that the product will make you millions overnight there is no magic bullet or press button solution. IM is a bisiness treat it like one..
  14. PCRoger

    PCRoger New Member

    Start with the Challenge and learn Market Samurai, you will probably end up buying it.

    People talk about keywords, but trust me, it needs to be more than talk.

    You need to know how to study keywords and find out if you can actually RANK for any - Market Samurai (in the Challenge) covers that.

  15. j11_cook

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    I agree that Internet Marketing is difficult, because there is such a vast array of information out there. I am consistenly educating myself on my styles and techniques on how to generate the most traffic, the best promotion methods, etc. All of these things combined, plus so much more is what makes a business work for you.

    Oh, and please do not forget that if you do not stay on top of things on a daily basis and really work hard and consistently, it will be very difficult to make anything happen. Educate yourself, Research, and DIVE IN!

    Best Wishes,
  16. Dennis Anthony

    Dennis Anthony New Member

    You're getting a lot of solid encouragement here....That should tell you something! [​IMG]

    Folks around here tend to look at success as a wall that we can all help each other over -not a ladder that only has one rung at the top.

    Look back over the posts and you will see a common theme:

    Have faith in yourself and never quit.

    All the best to you,

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