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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by tragickatt, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. tragickatt

    tragickatt New Member

    Hello Everyone!
    I am somewhat new to network marketing. I started back in January of this year and things seem to be going pretty slowly. I spend a lot of time on social networks connecting with people trying to see how I can help them... getting fit and healthy or making some extra money. I have had minimal success while spending almost 10 hours a day with barely any progress. I would absolutely love to be successful at this but I can't see to find people who actually care about passive and residual income! I've tried my hand at googling the answer but I have only found sites that want money to posts jobs or other successful network marketers that want money to watch their video or read their book. Unfortunately right now I am on a very tight budget, every bit of extra money going into my mlm business. Does anyone have any free advice on what I can do to become one of the successful ones? Are their tricks of the trade that I have just not learned yet? Are their places I can go to find people like myself, interested in passive income and helping people, that won't cost me a ton of money to be a member and what not?
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  2. POSHionista

    POSHionista New Member

    What has helped me the most is to set a goal of contacting at least 5 people a day about the business. Whether it is talking to a friend about it, handing out a sample to a stranger or just messaging people on Facebook. Not everyone you talk to is going to be interested, but by making sure you contact 5 people EVERY day you are going to be more and more likely to get in touch with someone who wants to join with you in your new adventure.
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  3. Franchise19

    Franchise19 New Member

    Like POSHionista mentioned in the post earlier, it has to become a daily routine. People need to see value in you and you just have to sell yourself. Make them invest in YOU and then they will start asking you how you can help them achieve success either with them or with you helping them. A lot of folks are just pushy and can't get a hold of things because sometimes they don't have people who can coach duplication methods because they themselves don't understand things properly! Point here is to start making connections that could potentially last a lifetime but the key is consistency.

    Remember the real trick to leadership is not driving the train. It's laying the track!
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  4. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Daily Routine is the most under-rated thing!
    After a few months if your doing it right you'll definitely see the snowball effect.
    Setting goals is also very important and also watching videos to learn and stay motivated is something you should be doing too.
    Just remember every successful person has gone through what you will be going through.
    Keep that in mind when people leave your Business because when that happens for the first time it really is upsetting but keep on going you'll overcome it! :)
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  5. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    The experience you are having as someone new to network marketing is typical. This period of your development will have a tremendous impact on your eventual success... if you persist until you get the answers to your questions.

    Find someone who has achieved the level of success you want, and use them as a mentor. Since they have already walked down the path you are on at the moment, they are best equipped to guide you through the rough patches.

    What you will discover is that you are on the right track, trying to connect with the right people on social networks and so on. You simply need guidance on how to refine your approach and strategy to get better results. The right mentor can help you make that adjustment in no time.

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  6. kaikauai

    kaikauai New Member

    I looked at your wordpress site and Facebook page and I didn't see where you had any way to capture information about your prospects - lead capture page. If you had some free information that you could share in exchange for your prospects giving you an email address, you could start building a relationship with prospects that way.

    I am part of a BeachBody group on Facebook that has challenges, partners people up with others for accountability, posts daily "what was your workout" that seems to attract new members on a consistent basis. Also, I see a lot of BeachBody coaches on Instagram - don't know why it is but there is a lot of social proof on instagram and a lot of searches and posts for the hashtags #p90x, #turbofire #T25, etc. Are there any groups that are holding classes in your area? if not maybe you could start being one of the instructors/facilitators for a local group?

    Craigslist is a good place for marketing a local workout club as long as you observe the posting rules - key to Craigslist is still giving them a place to go to see a quick presentation and inviting them to come to one of your workout sessions. Like making your own youtube channel, making some videos, and then posting them to a page on your Facebook page -send your Craigslist ad viewers to your Facebook capture page - you can use a free service called 22social on Facebook for the lead capture page and a service called mailchimp for your auto-responder for free.

    Use your smartphone to make videos - best video quality for the price and you can upload directly to youtube if you don't need to edit anything - even if you do need to edit there are free and paid apps for smartphones that you can use to edit.

    I know that's a lot of DIY information, but that's what you have to do if you're on a budget, right? Hopefully that gives you some ideas. Instagram seems to be working for the beachbody teams, that's where I was approached.
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  7. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    It's all about building relationships... keep building relationships with people and sharing as you go, and you will find success. Building relationships is free! :)

    I like to have a business card with my products info on the front and biz opp on the back - that way when I run into someone and am having a conversation with them, I can simply tell them something like "I may have something that could help you with ____ - here's my card. Feel free to check out what is helping thousands of others with _____ and let me know if you have any questions" ...
  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    The best advice I can give you is to work a lot on yourself. Read and listen to motivational audio every single day.

    What you also want to do if you want faster results, I would pay for ads online that shows people your business opportunity.
  9. JODAD

    JODAD New Member

    I would like to share a few points. Make a list of everyone you know. Why is your MLM the one people should visit? Pick out the key people you want to share with this opp. Have a plan and share with others your want to be successful with. From this point do some ads online to go to the masses and go through the numbers and work deep in the lines you build! Learn from others in the meeting you have and just have fun. Also LISTEN to people as they talk with you about $ time and having a betting way of life. USE" If i could…… would you ……? statements to get those who say yes an opportunity to share your idea. Educate others rather then having the salesman hat on!
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  10. JODAD

    JODAD New Member

    BE consistent. Share with one to two people a day !
  11. Good Feather

    Good Feather New Member

    Hi TragicKatt,

    You have gotten some really good advice here! It's all about getting some training in how to professionally generate leads for your business. Never has there been a time like today, when you can reach billions of people through the internet! When properly set up, you can have a never ending supply of people attracted to you and your business. It's all about switching from chasing people to attracting people! I have been coaching some of my team who want to work more can be overwhelming at first, but with simple action steps, you can build very successfully! Once you get going, it is like a weight is lifted off you shoulders :)
  12. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Hi there! Oh, tips...we all have quite a few don't we? First, let me ask you some questions so I can get a better idea of what you are doing... Where are you talking to people (which social platform)? How are you doing it? Have you heard of branding yourself and attraction marketing? I would love to help you get your name out on Facebook, free, with a few simple trick you can use. Welcome to the network marketing shark world! :)

  13. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Lot's of good advice here .... let's take a look at a few of 'em and add some.

    1. "Work on yourself" --- sounds great but ????

    Here's what that means. You need to know you sound good, look good and
    you're adding VALUE and POSTURE when you communicate with people.

    You can't sound "lost" or "timid" or unsure of yourself. You can't sound like
    you're still trying to find the right words to express yourself.

    You get this "posture" ... from doing as suggested. "Working on yourself"
    by reading books, finding mentors that impress you. WORKING your business

    2. Get "Up To Bat" ... if not daily, at least multiple times per week.

    What does that really mean? What it DOESN'T mean is posting on social
    network sites a bunch of times. Tattoo this on your arm or something. ALL
    HIGH INCOME EARNERS use any marketing tools (facebook, skype, twitter,
    ads, capture pages) to get into REAL CONTACT with people.

    Can you build an income and never actually speak to someone? Yes. You
    can also get struck by lightening while talking on a landline phone during
    a storm, too. But how many people have you heard of that did?

    3. Pick a business (it's not too late to either change or add another) that
    is part of a REAL Mega-Trend ... and preferably one YOU are already
    spending money in.

    There are actual Mega-Trends. These are market trends that are very
    UNAFFECTED by current changes in the economy.

    Roughly 6 of them. The internet is one of them ... but it has changed
    to now USING it, rather than "discovering it" like the days of selling
    domain names. Health & Nutrition .. Weight Loss .. Coffee - Tea &
    Comfort Beverages .. Beauty .. Anti-Aging.

    But for a new person .... look at where YOU are already spending
    money NOW ... and if it's in one of these Mega Trend categories, you
    can be in a business that is in one and guess what?

    You won't be spending dollars you weren't already spending to be
    in that business. It's one of the reasons people "run out of gas" in
    this industry.... buying into a business where there wasn't a budget
    already going for this new product ... but you have to buy a certain
    amount to stay "active".

    Not a problem if you're in a company you already were spemding
    that money in anyway.


    1. Not talking ... TALKING ... to enough people.

    2. Spending TOO MUCH TIME ... talking to the wrong ones. ie:
    trying to drag people into your business instead of believing them
    when they tell you they aren't interested ... for now.

    3. Unrealistic Expectations. Thought finding the "right" 5 or 6
    people would launch your riches. We call it Lottery Mindset.

    Get those fixed ... work on YOU ... you stand a much better chance
    then, of making it.

    There's techniques, tools, all ready to be used. Just get to work.
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  14. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Value and especially Posture are critical!!!! As you stated, if anyone wants to grow their business successfully with people who are ON FIRE, the expectations must remain high! If you set them high, your team will duplicate and your organization will build a strong foundation and optimal duplication. Great input as always! :)

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  15. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Speaking of "Posture" .... that is one of those terms you see thrown
    around like "Attraction Marketing" and "Get Likes" that seem to
    make sense. Seem to have an intrinsically understood meaning.

    But in reality, there's usually a HUGE GAP in REAL understanding.

    And it's not the fault of the new person. How are they supposed to
    know what a very specifically tailored term to our industry means?

    POSTURE ... is that whether you're slouching in your chair or carrying
    your head wrong when you walk?

    No ... and I'm pretty sure even the new people who are hearing this
    term ... in this context for the first time, don't think that.

    But what DO they think it means?

    My experience has shown that a lot of them come to believe it means
    you need to work yourself up to where you can come across ... say,
    a bit "arrogant."

    Or worse .... like a "bad ass" on the phone or in person.

    NO, NO, NO.

    Posture and "Posturing" doesn't mean that. UNLESS ... a specific
    situation needs that approach, of course.

    Posture is so critical though, that getting it right is crucial.

    You could really call posture.... your "Center" that you carry as
    your normal, confident, informed, NO FAKING IT, persona.

    Here is a TIP.

    The #1 recruiting, selling, influencing personality type across
    all platforms .... is what you'd call, the "Enthusiastic Expert."

    Think about it.

    In any situation at all .... have you ever found yourself wanting
    to follow the "excited idiot" or the "depressed know-it-all" out

    Those ... ARE ALSO POSTURES. Get it?

    Make YOURS and LIVE IT.
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  16. Curtis Slone

    Curtis Slone New Member

    So much value on this thread!

    Keep your head up and smile on. Walk the path of one that develops themselves.

    Small incremental change is absolutely key.
  17. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    It's all about mastering the basics ;)


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