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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Sunshine525, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Sunshine525

    Sunshine525 New Member

    Hello new friends, I am new to the site and intetested in working from home. My first question is; what do I need to start my home office (what type of computer, Internet, do I need a home phone or can I use the Internet to make/receive calls). I'm on a budget so I can't get to crazy. I work full time so I was hoping to start by finding part time work to see if I like it then eventually working full time.
    Thank you for any advice..
  2. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    Hello Sunshine525, and welcome to the forum. The basic Tools you will need to start your home based business are not that expensive. There are some basic items that you will need which are:

    1. A Laptop or Desktop Computer. One that is name brand.You know something you've heard of before.
    Times have changed you can now purchase a pretty decent one for around $300-$500 dollars.

    2. A basic internet connection. Preferably a Plan with plenty of room.
    There are now more ISP providers than ever before. I would usually shop around for the best deal.

    3. A Dedicated Business Phone Line.
    To me this is most important. You will have to have a way to follow up with people and for them to contact you for your opportunity. You can try services like Majic Jack, striaght through your internet service connection.For about 20 bucks a year. Or you could go with a dedicated 800# or cell phone.

    These are just some of the tools Sunshine525,that will get your business going in the right direction. But in the future you will have to upgrade and reinvest in your business. In order to keep it growing.
  3. Hi Gina,

    There are so many ways to make money at home. I remember when I first started researching different ways to do this. It was very confusing.

    Important - First and most important always do your due diligence and research everything inside and out before you invest into anything. There are a lot of scams and empty promises out there.

    You can use a laptop, desktop or both. (make sure it's your own personal computer and not a public one like at a library or anything like that).

    The computer brand I prefer is Dell and I also suggest a high speed internet connection. There is nothing more frustrating then having things run slow when your trying to make money online.

    Here are just a few ways to make money at home...

    1.) Working as a customer service rep for a company that allows this method.
    2.) Affiliate marking
    3.) Creating your own products to sell

    I personally like affiliate marketing and creating my own products. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other peoples products and receive commission or compensation of some sort for any sales made through your efforts. So for example, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and then purchases something you would receive a portion of that sale.

    Hope this helps... :)

  4. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

  5. Hi Sunshine525, welcome to the forum..

    Anyway, when I started working at home, I only have a desktop computer that is Intel Core i7 processor around $500 (bought from a friend :) ), internet (10mbps) with phone, and a clean work station.
  6. Sunshine525

    Sunshine525 New Member

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Signed up for Internet and a phone and have a computer already that I think will be fine. It's a Dell. As soon as I get my Internet installed ill start searching for something I can do part time to see if its a fit for me b4 quitting my full time job that has imprisoned me for the past year. Lol. Not really but feels like I have no freedom.. Any other advice is always welcome :)
  7. Moody Group

    Moody Group New Member


    Please don't quit the day job. The most difficult (and also for most the most rewarding) of any bushiness venture is the start up. Most businesses start underfunded or under capitalized. And the mortality rate for most new businesses is high for the first three years. But should your business last ten years the success rate is quite high from then on out. Experience makes you a professional.

    Please think of your job as your funding partner. It is providing you with capital to live and from that capital you are going to start your business. The job is a blessing not a hindrance. Once you launch your enterprise with whatever opportunity you decide upon don't think about profit so much as working towards breaking even in your first three months to a year. Remember that some of the most successful business you know didn't become profitable for years. And most people who get into home based businesses are networking. That is they are in opportunities that require building a down-line and leveraging the efforts of others. And they start up on a shoestring budget and think themselves failure when they find it takes months just to establish enough income for the business itself to break even on a month to month basis when anyone in any other business with a proper start up plan would be delighted to be profitable in a year let alone two years under a situation of being properly capitalized.

    This is a marathon not a sprint. So be kind to yourself. Now that you have the infrastructure on its way make out a budget. And include in that budget a marketing budget. Focused effort can make up for a lack of capital but that doesn't stop you from needing do decide in concrete terms what is the basic cost of doing business. What it looks like in terms of production to break even. And then what it looks like to make profit and then scale that profit back into the business so that it will grow.

    Think of your job as your economic support group while you get this under way. And always ... be kind to yourself during the learning curve that takes you from a worker to an entrepreneur which are two different mind sets. You will have to have two heads for a period of time before you can let go of the job and have one. And that is a good problem to have (having a job) and sign of success and wisdom. Having that job could be the thing that keeps you in business long enough to succeed.

    Good luck and good skill in your start up!
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  8. Sunshine525

    Sunshine525 New Member

    Thanks John but I'm not looking to start a business at all, that's not fit me and I don't plan on quitting my job. I love it.. I'm a simple frugal woman who is just wanting something on the side to do for fun :) Getting Internet today finally and can't wait to start researching :)
  9. Moody Group

    Moody Group New Member

    You are on your way!!! Good hunting for the right opportunity and good skill for working it, and in everything good luck and grace!!!!:)
  10. Sunshine525

    Sunshine525 New Member

    Thanks John!!!
  11. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Yeah, that would work if there were not a whole lot of article marketers and new ones coming in every single day.

    What most people and GURUS don't tell you is that in the work at home niche specifically, there is a lot of competition and for someone who is new and wants to use this strategy, I would not recommend that you write any articles. You could but you need 100's of them just to get anywhere between 10-40 people visiting your site.
  12. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    It all depends on what you do from home to make some extra money. The world is your marketplace when you have a computer! The PROBLEM is finding the right thing to DO then, which I am sure you are finding out. :)

    I have done a lot of different things over the past 10 years as far as work at home stuff... built websites, affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc... made some great money in certain areas, until Google would make changes or something else changed.... and at this point I have sold most of my websites and am back in a traditional mlm or network marketing program - something I had pretty much sworn I would never do, but it kinda fell into my lap. It's a great product, I have a story and I am loving it...

    I wish you the same success in finding the right match for what fits your needs. :)

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