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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by supermomcassie, May 13, 2010.

  1. supermomcassie

    supermomcassie New Member

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say hey to everyone and im trying to get my foot in the door of the internet world, I am a RN who has recently became a stay at home mom with the second one on the way. I am a little discouraged today cause I am wondering if i am getting myself into something that is just time consuming or it can really be a good income source for me and my family. All feedback is appreciated!!!
  2. Flavor

    Flavor New Member

    I am new and require legit online programs that pays
  3. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member


    Yes, it is time consuming. There isnt such thing as get rich quick. Everything takes time, but its worth it...

    Take your time, step by step. And stay focused...
  4. CarrieLyn

    CarrieLyn Guest

    Hi Cassie and welcome to the wonderful world of internet marketing. Yes, it can and will take some time to build up your income to the levels you were used to as an employee but it absolutely can be done!

    What kind of business are you pursuing?

    This and other forums can be extremely helpful to you as you pursue your new path. Feel free to ask questions and reach out to your fellow members. We're all here to help one another be successful.

    All the best,
  5. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    Welcome to your destiny. As others have said it takes time and effort to get things off the ground.. I'd be weary of anyone who tells you it doesn't.

    Find a niche you feel like would be your dream job, don't jump at the first network / affiliate company that you see.

  6. infomaniac

    infomaniac New Member

    I am trying to build an online presence also. I have about half a dozen different things on the go from ebay to affiliate marketing. So far each one brings a little bit in, I'm hoping that eventually all will bring in a decent amount and it will be compounded. I have lots of ideas, just need to get them all out of my head and into practice.
  7. ryanbiddulph

    ryanbiddulph New Member

    Welcome Cassie [​IMG]

    Due diligence is your #1 duty now. You'll save yourself so much time if you do the proper legwork. If you do the research you can generate a healthy income. The amount of money you make is in direct proportion to the amount of time spent researching and working an online endeavor.

    Join a number of work at home forums. Take a look around, ask questions and develop friendships with the mentors. Also take a look around work at home blogs. Some forum mentors link up to their blogs in the profile section.

    Consume as many personal development/positive thinking books as possible. Plenty of free ones on the web. To become successful adopt the success mindset which so few have. Think and Grow Rich is one of the classics.

    All the best to you!
  8. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Cassie! May I ask what you are doing for income from home right now?

    Don't be afraid to ask for help here - that is what we are here for.[​IMG]
  9. StephenClark

    StephenClark New Member

    For anyone new to internet marketing, I always direct them towards affiliate marketing. Here's why...

    1) Doesn't require any big fancy website. Actually, just a simple one page landing page is what I use most of the time.

    2) Doesn't require a product of your own.

    3) Product fulfillment and customer service issues are handles by the product owner that you're promoting for.

    4) You can set up a squeeze page and literally start driving traffic almost immediately.

    5) Once you find a good product/service to promote, traffic generation is about the only thing you need to focus on. This eliminates TONS of frustration and confusion for those just starting out online.

    6) A good affiliate product/service will already have a solid, proven sales funnel set up. You don't have to worry about tweaking your conversions, setting up back-end sales, or any of that other complicated stuff.

    7) Good affiliate products will have a recurring commission that you get paid on every month.

    8) Doesn't cost anything at all to become an affiliate. If you choose to get a landing page on your domain, that's only about $10/mo for hosting.

    I could go on with more, but hopefully you get the idea.
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  10. benhaider

    benhaider New Member

    yai i want to know the real ones only....
  11. paulgressel

    paulgressel New Member

    It's a great way to make extra income or even replace your current income. But the first question is are you computer savvy or a newbie. Most people who want to get online and start making money are usually lost at that point.
    The intention is good but are like a deer in headlights when it comes to the technical part of it.
    There are alot of "gurus"out there pitching something that states that you can make money online but most of it is usually just a sales pitch to empty your wallet.
    Research is number one here, a good place to start is IM report card. they have all the top ranked sites voted by their own members with actual testimonials.
    Thats where I went when I started online and found a great teacher and site that helps people that are new at the business.
    Good luck, hope some of this helps.
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  12. workathomemomee

    workathomemomee New Member

    Hey cassie im new to this work at home business as well. I did research for about a month after being introduced before taking any drastic steps. YouTube was and still is my best friend. I say to you dnt rush into anythng search, search and search some more. I am trying to lose weight and improve my health situation so I lookd for somethng that would benefit me and my family healthwise as well as financially. I mean not having health insurance is a bummer wen u need a tooth pulled. Good luck with your job search.....
  13. MatoryIncorp

    MatoryIncorp New Member

    Hi supermom and welcome!

    You'll get the hang of it, I promise. Learn keyword targeting, writing articles and setting up blogs and lens' to get people to buy your product and you'll be on your way!

    If you have any questions this is the place to get them answered![​IMG]
  14. hickshorn

    hickshorn New Member

    Welcome to home business, I too have recently started a work at home program so far its great, It is alot more work than I thought You have to put alot of time and effort into it. It will all be worth it in the end when I have the freedom and security that comes with a work at home business. Dont give up, keep going even when it gets you down just keep telling yourself You will succeed[​IMG]
  15. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Hi Cassie,

    Welcome to the forum. Very glad to have you join us here today.

    The internet has so much income opportunities for the average person that it is pretty amazing.

    Before you dive in, I suggest that you read 2 good books that will give you some good insights about the online income world.

    These 2 books are:

    Multiple streams of internet income By Robert G. Allen.

    How I made my first MILLION on the internet By Ewen Chia.

    These are 2 great books that you can read before diving in.

    I recommend that you get both through or Barnes and Noble.

    Once again, welcome to the forum.

  16. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    First things first you need to educate yourself on ways to make money online. Then choose something you have a strong interest in learn all you can about it and put that knowledge into practice.

    If it is affiliate marketing the Warrior Forum is a great place to learn and find a mentor that is where I found mine. Careful though some internet marketers are scammers, shocking I know.

    Take your time and get to know the members then you will learn who is on the up and up.
  17. Jtnz1

    Jtnz1 New Member

    Hi, anyone that's looking into making money online should be well informed.

    Its possible to make money straight away with very little experience!

    There are many opportunities to join teams or downlines where other members are more than willing to help.

    I really liked the book called web masters traffic course, might be a bit out dated now but for anyone new to Working Online you can find some really good advise, on how to sell online which is essentially what you'll be doing.

    That Book: Web Masters Traffic Course if you cant find 1 for free let me know. (Is that allowed delete it if its not [​IMG] )
  18. j11_cook

    j11_cook New Member

    Finding the right opportunity that is a good fit for your personality as well as your lifestyle is the key along with Hard Work and not giving up to easily. My advice is to Research everything you can before making any decisions and make sure you find a program that offers a Step By Step plan that will show you everything there is to know about how to get your new online business started. Without a Step By Step plan to follow, you will be lost as to what to do next. Be sure to visit all kinds of forums like this one. They are invaluable tools.

    Welcome to the site and Good Luck with all of your endeavors.
  19. Gloria Joseph

    Gloria Joseph New Member

    Hi, welcome to the world of home business. I was like you too some months ago and found a good mentor to help. A good place you can start is my getstartedonline info in my signature. Its free. You get helpful information to help you get started.

    Have a nice day

    Gloria Joseph
  20. ina3270

    ina3270 New Member

    It can be very time consuming building an online presents, and it is not something that will happen over night. You will have to be very patient and persistent, there will be times when you say it is just not worth the effort, but it will be if you stick with it and just keep working hard on it.
    Best of luck to you.

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