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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by wife2mikejh, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. wife2mikejh

    wife2mikejh New Member

    Hey everyone! I just got done faxing all of my paperwork to West. What will happen next and how long does it normally take? I bought my headset and a new phone today from Radio Shack and am very excited to get started!
  2. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    You will get an email in 1-3 days. Your training will become available. You will probably get the DR skill, that is good. It's paid training, they give you 15 hours, it took me 2, I think it took another newbie on here Cathy about 5 hours. It's paid anyway, it's easy just watch the presentation, a little virtual simulation then a quick exam, you get 2 tries and you have to score and 80 to pass, it's not hard, I promise. Except the PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE ONE. Study! We all failedi t the first time, but the second passed.

    Then a webinar (a 1 on 1 with a PAL) for about 10 mins explaining how to schedule, etc. Then you are ready for your first shift.

    It's pretty quick and fairly painless!

    Check our other thread "West New Hire -- Maybe?" for a detailed pre-hire to hire process we all went through....
  3. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Welcome Kacy ... Like luis says - the West New Hire thread has a good review of how the new hire process worked for all of us in the last couple weeks & what its been like 1st shift on.... very informative. Please post over there to share you knowledge.

    I am brand to to call center agent work - did some telemarket work from a call center outbound (from and office) for fundraiser about 10 years ago, but this is all new to me.

    If you have any questions - just ask...

  4. wife2mikejh

    wife2mikejh New Member

    Thanks everyone! I am still waiting on my welcome email! I'm ready to start!! Do they work on the weekends or should I expect to hear from HR on Monday?

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