new treatment for MS??

Discussion in 'Health' started by weebitty, May 3, 2010.

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    I found this a while back on MS as well:

    I know I have gotten many other miraculous results with this water as well including my pastor's wife's fibromyalgia disappearing in 24 days.

    And yes, Italy is awesome site seeing, my wife and I were lucky enough to go for our 25th anniversary last year. I took about 3,000 pics!
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    I must have accidentally said something in my original response that got it deleted. Sorry admin.

    Anyhow, anyone wanting to get help with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Heart Disease, Cancer, just about any virus, bacteria, infectious disease, autoimmune disorder should research the benefits of the all natural compound Beta Glucan.

    Beta Glucan has 60 years of University Studies validating its effect to modify the immune system to cause the body to naturally fight health challenges, or to just maintain good health.

    Beware all Beta Glucan is NOT the same. Purity, Potency, and Biological activity are key.

    Any questions or if I can help just contact me. I know of several amazing results stories.

    Here's a general information educational site (nothing promoted but education on Beta Glucan):

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    I'm too smart to be a doctor:D
    A lot of science of the proof of Beta Glucan is on this independent non commercial site
    BEWARE ALL BETA GLUCAN IS NOT THE SAME! That's a scientific documented fact.
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    By the way, in some cases things such as neurological diseases are not something that would be put in remission however many of the side effects or additionally health impacts that make the suffering from those disease worst have been shown to be minimized by the powerful benefits of what Beta Glucan dose to modify one's immune system to an optimal level for better health.
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    James, I'm going to assume your frustration is not really with me but with the unfortunate illness you suffer from. I have ran into this demeanor of late and I have found it really to not be about me just that I'm the receiver of a persons frustration. I don't want to make the herein comment too personal because we do NOT know each other to really go there and too often people just say whatever behind a computer keyboard.

    I know, as is documented, that USA health care is a prominent killer of people via poor medical advice, surgeries, and prescription drugs, and so forth. Additionally, I know what the scientifically proven #1 ranked beta glucan I represent has done for people with various health challenges.

    Here's one Multiple Sclerosis testimony (if allowed to post, or anyone can contact me or search "sound cloud beta glucan multiple sclerosis" ) I know of from a now 20 year old girl, that contracted MS when she was 17, that had a very severe case of MS. I have come to know that it does not effect all the same. However I also have learned a weaken immune system reaches across a mass of arrears of a many of illnesses that most of us would not think of. Wellness begins and ends with your own body's immune system. Doctors are TAUGHT to treat symptoms not true cause to manifest wellness in a person. Thus I rely wholly on doctors like I do my child's version of a story of why she wasn't wrong about getting in trouble at school.:)


    I for one was making a joke. Two, a doctor, as anyone is only as intelligent as the knowledge one obtains via various ways in life. Thus, if you are anyone believes an "average" person, or non doctor, can't be smarter than a licensed doctor who passed a state exam, in general or specifically, than this is why many that believe in doctors, or more pointedly, the medical field of the USA continue to suffer when they do not have too.

    Do you know that doctors in these hospitals will get in trouble for telling you about a natural remedy as a solution. There job is to write you more and more prescriptions, when they know or should know that the side effects of one drug is the cause of why a person is having another illness.

    Better yet don't take my word for it, here's a video and there are others on how the pharmaceutical industry manipulates the doctors that most trust in order to make them provide a person a toxic drug as a solution for an illness:

    Here's another on the results of prescription drugs that cause more illness and deaths by Dr Mercola:

    And it goes on and on. The facts that many want to ignore to maintain their trust in doctors is readily available but they heed not the warnings. I personally would continue to pursue a natural remedy if I was ever to suffer from any illness (Praise God I have not had any). It is amazing that people will stop pursuing a natural remedy but they will continue to purse a doctors deadly drug recommendations!

    Lastly, I watched the damn doctors and medical field kill my mother in law in 30 days many years ago. She had previously had cancer, myleoma, and had beat it when they thought she would die in a few months. However they kept her, and/or she kept taking by trusting the doctors, some "preventive" cancer drug. Well the doctor one day gave her a prescription for a new "preventive cancer" drug that came on the market. They conveniently decided to give here a new drug when the current one was fine (so to speak) and she had no need for any drug. My mother in law was fine and not dying from cancer or any signs of cancer. Yet 30 days after taking this new wonder drug she past away because the drug caused her kidneys to fail. SHE DIDN'T EVEN DIE FROM CANCER which was her supposed illness.

    Thus I understand your frustration, and understand you may have tried other stuff and I understand you may even be wonder if beta glucan is so great why isn't it on TV and how come my doctors are not telling me about it. Answer is this is America where things ain't all what they seem from TV and popular media and big corp runs the show in all facets of our lives where they can or we allow.

    I'm not here to convince people to do better by their health. If any one researches the massive scientific PROVEN benefits of beta glucan that span 60+ years and 12,000 published studies from a cold to cancer they, in my opinion, would have to not be wise to not take it regardless of any other vitamin and mineral. No other natural product has been studied for its immune system effects like beta glucan from so many universities around the world.

    Get the book by Dr. Vetvicka "Beta Glucan: Nature's Cure 2n ed". Get educated about what your doctor does know and then you can see why I can make such as statement, even jokingly

    I wish you the best and hope you find a solution for any health challenges you may suffer from.

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    This Momentum mag. has a lot of very good articles on MS.There are articles on The Many Forms of Family, also one on Low Vision Alert. There is a lot more very good information.
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    This is an up date this morning I did 29 miles on my stationary bike in an hour before breakfast. I walked about 2+ miles yesterday after lunch also.
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    This is an up date I now do 30 miles on stationary bike in hour before breakfast and walk 6.5 miles after lunch and than walk some more after our supper with my wife.

    My wife and I went to a meeting last week and heard a Neurologist speak on the very new treatments that are going to come on line in the next few months. He also up dated on the treatments that are being used today. There soon will be another pill that will be offered the MS patients for treatment.

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