New Work From home mom here:)

Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by AHostetler4384, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. AHostetler4384

    AHostetler4384 New Member

    Hello all I am new here. I am a single mother of one who enjoys working from home, bowling, reading, swimming, and playing with my son! I hope to learn a lot from all of you [​IMG]
  2. fixaprob

    fixaprob New Member

    Thanks for information..
  3. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    Welcome aboard Amy,

    You'll learn much from the threads here and look forward to hearing of your experiences as well.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Amy - glad to have you here.[​IMG]
  5. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    welcome to the board, browse around and ask questions. There is alot of information here for you[​IMG]
  6. AHostetler4384

    AHostetler4384 New Member

    Thank you everyone! [​IMG]
  7. j11_cook

    j11_cook New Member

    Welcome to the Forum, Amy You will learn a lot here from a lot of knowledgeable people.[​IMG]
  8. kasbers

    kasbers New Member

    hello im mike,single father of 2 daugthers,they are my life,ive spent alot of money on online scams on making money onine,i need someone that is willing to share there knowledge with me and take me by hand and show me how its done
  9. JackieM293

    JackieM293 Member

    Hi Mike,

    You will learn a huge amount from the pages and people you find in the forum.

    It's a good place, welcome and good luck.

  10. neveenapink

    neveenapink New Member

    welcome! You will find a load of valuable information here that you can use to your advantage. Good luck finding a good work at home opportunity [​IMG]
  11. jeanine88

    jeanine88 New Member

    neveenapink, do you do the supercrafters? i looked at it, but i would like some information if you wouldnt mind sharing! my email is or you can reply here [​IMG] thanks! jeanine

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