New Year, New Goals!!

Discussion in 'Health' started by lifemyway, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. lifemyway

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    Happy New Year!!

    Keep this in mind when making your new year resolution to exercise more!!

    A modest exercise program provides the following health benefits:

    -Weight Loss
    -Lower Blood Pressure
    -Stronger Bones and Decreased Risk of Osteoporosis
    -Lower Total Cholesterol Levels
    -Enhanced Immune System
    -Overall Increase in the Sense of Well-Being

    Keep and Stay Healthy My Friends
  2. Happy New Year Year to you!

    Staying active is very important for your physical and mental well being.

    I walk my staffie for an hour every day [​IMG]
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Happy new year to you all.

    Keeping active and eating healthy should not be your new year's resolution. It should be your lifestyle.
  4. 88Style

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    Hi guys! I'm just new here. Though my reply is late, i'd like to share to you my new year's resolution and my progress:

    1. learn the french language - I just recently enrolled myself i a french class. Check! [​IMG]
    2. Read 2 new books per month - Check! [​IMG]
    3. Travel to Santorini, Greece - Errrr.... [​IMG]
    4. Live healthily and go Hiking. - [​IMG]
    5. Move over my previous gf and get a girlfriend - Working on it! [​IMG]

    Hope everything turns out right at the end of the year! [​IMG]
  5. Mother Eckburg

    Mother Eckburg New Member

    This is the year for my miracles with my health.

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