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  1. erxloes

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    hello, im new here and i found this site because i came across "google money tree" and thought it was a scam. i was wondering if you guys would know more about it and if you would know of any online oppertunities that would work for a beginner.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Well, when you type in "google money tree" into Google (using quotes), the first two lisitngs give it negative remarks, especially in the comments section from the first listing.
  3. morellojoe

    morellojoe New Member

    If you've been looking for an online business I'm sure you're already aware of all the rubbish out there. So take you're time. Genuine lucrative systems do exist.

    As a beginner to online businesses it's very easy to get things wrong resulting in wasted time and money. I speak from experience. Get it right and the rewards can be very profitable. It is therefore essental that you find a business which offers ongoing support and mentoring. Your chances of success are vastly improved if you have somebody who's been there and done it leading you in the right direction.

    Most people want big overnight profits for very little work. Be prepared to put the time and effort in and you're already one step ahead of the majority.
  4. samda

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    erxloes, there are many useful things in internet. Probably I may not be able to give the citation, but I can give you a common thing that worked for me.

    Almost every thing is available in the internet. When I say everything I talk about information [​IMG]

    You need to pump it up and read for yourself. I have bitter experience by buying several ebooks. All the information in the internet is just being compiled. Would you ever pay $97 for just the compilation work. So go around and google for yourself. This forum will give you all useful piece of information regarding work at home...
  5. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello erxloes,
    Please, don't pay anyone hundreds or even thousands of dollars to "coach you to riches"
    Do as much research as you can, and then Google program name + see what comes up, like advised above.

    There are some wonderful programs, and some are not.

    If uncertain, ask here again!
    Have a great time researching!

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