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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by heavens girl, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. heavens girl

    heavens girl New Member

    Hello, to everyone, i wud like to introduce myself to the forum as heavens girl, i'm a newbie here as well as PL -one month- . I been reading you guys advices and comments for the last 2weeks, i must admit i wasn't going to join in here becuz you guys really know what you're talking about and i feel really stupid about everything i didn't realize just how much of a newbie i am. First off i am very determined and persistant person who doesn't give up easy but i been doing PL for about a month reading alot over and over and i have not got anything going yet. i have a few questions to anyone who is willing to HELP! i can't seem to get anything going, i am kinda grapsing the whole concept but putting everything to use i start to get confused.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I am guessing somebody with PL will stop by here soon - but welcome, and there is nothing like a stupid question.[​IMG]

    We were ALL new at it at some point or other. It would help though if you could be more specific with your questions or what it is that you are having issues with, so we can try to help you with it.

    You'll make it, ask lots of questions and does PL have training and support that you can tap into? If so, that is your biggest tool to get more familiar with everything.
  3. heavens girl

    heavens girl New Member

    Thank You[​IMG], for responding i guess my first questions would be i try to start in the Marketplace to promote a product and create a hoplink i get lost from there i have no clue what to do with it, you wud think i wud know after reading all the instructions, i get lost on how to use the link or how to even implement it, where and how do i place it.Also do i need to sign up with Google Adwords first, but reading the advice and response in this forum it looks like Marketplace may not be the best place to start, i was thinking about starting with Adsense and trying my craft there and learn that before jumping into anything else, wud that be safe to say, but the linking of the the hoplinks are what really are confusing me.
  4. YoungMoneymaker

    YoungMoneymaker New Member

    If you're going for the AdSense I guess that the hoplink isn't very important (we're talking about Clickbank, right?).
    The important is content and a good niche.

    My advice:
    -Choose a good niche (explained how in the course)

    -Create a free blog at
    The whole blog should be around the niche that you chosed.

    -Add informative content around your niche and if you want to use your hoplink (which should be relative to your niche) you can proove in your content that this is the product they want/need.
    (Better explained in the course (Project Series - Mastering Copywriting))

    You should also read through the whole Google AdSense part in your learning area.

    Google Adwords is only an option that you don't have to use (it costs money) to drive traffic. You only need to signup there if you want to use it.
    Otherwise there's a lot of free methods explained in the course.

    Sorry if that's bad explained but as I said, it's in the course.
    Bye for now,
  5. heavens girl

    heavens girl New Member

    Thanks, I am talking about clickbank marketplace I'm not sure on how to link my hoplinks, or any links for that matter to another page, am I suppose to being using the "source" button under my "View" tab to enter links that way or am I misssing something. I did create a Blogger, but haven't done much with it, because I get confuse with all that formatting and placing my links to be activated. Thanks YoungMoneymaker am going to focus more on my Blogger and AdSense, I just need to figure out how to get these hoplinks pasted and activated in my Blogger and Adsense.
  6. YoungMoneymaker

    YoungMoneymaker New Member

    Well.. do you mean that you want to make your hoplink clickable in your blog like this?

    If that's what you mean then it's really simple using Blogger.

    Just login to your Bloggers account, press New Post, write something that you want to be visible (your words) and you will have a little bar right above the place where you can write text, (where you can choose font size, bold text, italic etc)
    there you can find an icon with a little green circle,that's the one to use.

    Now just mark the word/s that you written and press the little green circle mentioned above, now it should pop-up a box telling you to enter a URL, just link your clickbank hoplink there and you got it.

    If you didn't understand what I wrote above (completely understandable because my english isn't too good) then you can follow This link for a better explaination by Blogger themselves.

    Also I haven't heard that you can use your hoplinks in your AdSense, I haven't tried it though so I let someone else answer that one.

    I hope this helped you a bit anyway.
    Bye for now,

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Welcome to the forum Heaven's girl!

    Like Mountainmom said, we were all new at some point. Never feel bad about asking questions. I'm not with PL, but I wish you the best!
  8. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi heavens girl,

    My suggestion is to finish the entire Profit Lance course - including all of the ebooks - first before you put anything into practice. Take notes as you go.

    Proper education is the first step. This will save you a lot of money and frustration.


    ~Newbie Shield~
  9. affiliate

    affiliate New Member

    As Michael Andrews points out in one of his video's, sometimes you might want to go outside of Profit Lance and learn html. I'm not suggesting to learn another system but just learn some basics about html. You can do a google search and learn what it takes to link and properly form url's. Profit Lance is not a get rich quick method by any means. Incorporate everything that you are able to, of course not spending money that you may not have but look into Adsense, Adwords, blogging, social bookmarking, pinging, writing articles, writing press releases, etc...

    For instance. I might find a niche in hmm let me think for a little bit... golf drivers. I might then get a website such as I would use some SEO tactics and get some good keywords on the website (writing about 5 different pages for the site). I would submit my url to the manually to the top search engines or use the site that Michael recommends to submit the site. I would write some articles using the sites that Profit Lance recommends and then write a press release about the wonderful information I found out about golf drivers. I'd hop on a forum or two and relate my information to anyone who would listen. I would blog on a few sites and then ping those blogs. Of course my website would have Adsense ads on them and I might pay a few dollars to have Adwords drive traffic to my website. Most likely Clickbank would have a few golf drivers that I could support and become an affiliate of by putting the links on my website. Because I like to go above and beyond, I would also post some ads on Craigslist and Backpage. I'd hop on some social bookmarking websites and let the world know of my favorite websites. Whew. I know I'm leaving some things out but that is how I like to attack things from what I've learned in using Profit Lance.
  10. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    affiliate: I would use some SEO tactics and get some good keywords on the website (writing about 5 different pages for the site). I

    Do you really only build about 5 pages on your sites? And you are able to generate free traffic to them? That's pretty WOW, I'd say. [​IMG]
  11. affiliate

    affiliate New Member

    Yes, I generally start out at 4 or 5 pages for my websites and then slowly build on them as I feel the need to add more information or drive more traffic (keywords). Most of the time I manually submit to the search engines and I do use Adwords from time to time. I've had great success in my real estate investment business by posting to Craigslist, Kijiji, and Backpage. From time to time I also find a way to promote my business through Ebay.
  12. heavens girl

    heavens girl New Member

    Yes, YoungMoneyMaker like that, or even when promoting clickbank Marketplace item where do i paste the hoplink i created to make it clickable so I can receive my commission and i apologize if I said AdSense earlier I didn't mean using hoplinks with AdSense that was my mistake...still learning[​IMG]. Thanks, everybody for all your input and advice I will take what you guys say and try to implement them and make something happen....wish me luck!!!! P.S.- Talk to you real soon
  13. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Okay heavens girl,

    i will try and help you here thing, well we will see anyway, sorry i don't have the time to create a fresh video but i helped someone create a picture and a hoplink in blogger before so i am going to make this video available, now unfortunately there is know sound [​IMG] sorry and it is a bit amateurish but you should understand from the video how to add a hyperlink.

    Now before you watch it i just need to say the adding of the hyperlink starts about 50 seconds in, where it says url: and i type something like this fjhfdsgjdghlkjsdhkhg hahaha, thats where you put your link you get from clickbank. eg.


    in the example i show how you add this to the picture to do this to text all you have to do is instead of highlighting the picture highlight the text you want to hyperlink then click the hyper link button shown in the video.

    okay the video is in my signature, i will leave it there until you reply, if this doesnt help i will do my best to create a much better video, but for now we will try this.

  14. heavens girl

    heavens girl New Member

    Thanks, Hemjoe i'm going to try it out to see how it works I, really appreciate this because I came to a dead-end for a minute here, I willing to try anything out. I'm going to be busy for the next couple of days but I will definitely get back to you to let you know how its working....THANK YOU[​IMG].
  15. tahtimbo

    tahtimbo New Member

    Heavens Girl: If you do decide to learn HTML, I have a link for a very good, step-by-step tutorial at the bottom of my comments. Learning html, even the basics, can help spice up your web pages. I use it in Blogger, and it has really helped me. I plan to dive into PL at the end of May, so let me know how you're doing. Also, if I can help with Blogger (I use the classic template) or Adsense, Let me know. I have only been doing Blogger for a month, but if I can help, I will.
    Good Luck.[​IMG]
  16. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    tahtimbo: If you do decide to learn HTML, I have a link for a very good, step-by-step tutorial at the bottom of my comments.

    Thanks for sharing that link, tahtimbo... One of these days I am gonna have to buckle down and learn more html. I know just enough to get by - lol. That stuff intimidates me to no end!
  17. scottsharp

    scottsharp New Member

    Man Heavens Girl, your grabbing hold of the tail and going for a ride aren't ya?? It can be tough to jump into the complex world of internet marketing without having some basics of how it all comes together. PL is an excellent system albeit slightly outdated by now, there are a couple of things I've noticed about the PL system that have become obsolete, but it is still a very sound and solid way to learn the basics of marketing online.
    From what I can gather, HeavensGirl you are attempting to scratch out an income from clickbank with a blog is that correct??
    Could you tell us a little more about what it is you are promoting?? Have you pinpointed a niche? Have you attempted to do keyword research on the niche? How about seeking out a domain name that represents what you are promoting?
    Here is a little trick I've found that works pretty well for me and once you familiarize yourself with html and building a website you might want to try this, PL doesn't mention this and he should add it I think.

    1) Go to Here you will find high quality expired domains for sale.
    Look for domains that have keywords in them that correlate with whatever niche you would like to get into. For instance if you are looking to sell vitamins then you might want to purchase a domain like it doesn't have to be a superdomain name that costs thousands, just stick with the $10 ones that are available, and there are lots of them.... trust me.

    2) After you decide on a domain name and win the bid on it, or even before you bid on the domain go to the wayback machine at to check and see if the domain you are interested in was an active domain at one time. Here you will find all the content that was on this domain when it was active. This is very POWERFUL!! This content will SUPERCHARGE your SEO and move you higher in the google standings at a much faster pace than starting a brand new domain name.

    Once you get this content, you throw together a website get it hosted add this content and some of your own, link your blog to the site and do some of the other tactics that have been discussed earlier by the others and you will see a world of difference in your traffic count and ROI.

    I know some of this is a little overwhelming right now, but put this in the back of your mind and someday the light will come on and you will be heading in the right direction utilizing these techniques.

    Good luck to you
  18. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    scottsharp never heard this before, but it definately sounds like a good idea, it seems obvious now you say it but before i never really connected it altogether [​IMG]

    oh and heaven girl, thinking back now, i was completely oblivious to everything when i started, but is does come to you overtime and clearly you never stop learning as scottshaps comment proves above.

    let me know whether the video helps[​IMG]
  19. heavens girl

    heavens girl New Member

    First off, scottsharp i'm not sure what you're implying about you're first comment, but i'm just trying to get a general understanding about hoplinks because I am geniunely confused. Second, no I don't know what i'm promoting just yet, but I do know what my passions are and what areas I would like my niche to be in once i figures things out a little bit more, and yes I have tried some keyword research but it gets overwhelming at times then I get lost. Third, It"s only been about a month or so since I started so I'm still very very new to this and had no knowledge of marketing prior to this, but i will keep trying and tackling this until I get it right and make this thing happen. Thank You so much for your advice and resources I will definetly check those out and utilize these and everything you guys put on the floor as I said before I appreciate you guys for even responding to my questions. Also, thanks tahtimbo I wil definetely let you how thats coming along, and Hemjoe thank you for the link i will check yours out too, with so much info you guys gave it will takes some time for me to go thru everything and sort it out, and you're right Hemjoe it will come to me overtime and I will never stop learning i'm very excited about this and I know it will work eventually......I'm a go-getter not a quitter[​IMG] THANK YOU EVERYBODY!
  20. tidbits

    tidbits New Member

    The advice here is also helpful for non PL folks like me.

    I dipped my toe into the affiliate marketing arena (or so I thought). I have a couple of websites so I decided to put a link or two to some affiliate products. Of course I got only one or two clicks.

    From reading the posts here, I realize why. I tried to add a few links to an existing site rather than develop a site/blog around the topic/keywords that will compliment the affiliate product that I'm trying to sell.

    I had the tail wagging the dog. Now I'm going to put the dog and its tail in the appropriate order and create a blog or site that will promote the product.

    If you only knew how much you guys have helped me.

    Thanks again!

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