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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Nita McKenna, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Hi guys

    My name is Nita and I'm new to this forum in hope that I can pick up tips, advice to assist me in my journey.

    I've just signed up to a MLM which I have to say I have avoided for many years but this one captured me.

    Although my full time job is a sales manager, I'm finding networking a completely different ball game.

    I have the FB page, Linkedin, Pinterest and I've also paid for advertising but just can't seem to get people to make the investment even though I've had interest.

    Is there something I'm missing in getting people on board so I can grow my downline ?

    Your advice would be gratefully recieved
  2. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    I must ask, how did the MLM that you joined capture you? The first step to drawing leads that will convert is knowing your "why" for business...this is something that is deeper than just the money you earn, its your emotional connection to your business.

    The reason this is important, is that this is what you must project to your prospects in order to get them to convert. You say you are getting interest in the efforts that you have spent thus far, but a big reason people may not be converting is that they aren't feeling your passion and the support that you will give if they join under you. In any business a lot of people are promoting the same thing you are, you have to set yourself apart from the group by putting your personality into what you are offering. This will attract people just like you that will actually want to join under you.
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  3. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Thank you for your assistance. It captured me because I'm passionate about travel and the value it gives it's members, I am very excited about it. I'm not getting to speak to people to express my passion, so far all communication is by email/messenger and an introduction letter that wasn't written by me.

    I clearly need a different approach so I can convey what captured me and ignore the advice given to me by my leader.

    Thank you so much for the advice
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  4. jgrooms101

    jgrooms101 New Member

    Hi Nita,
    You just have to be yourself and be honest about how you feel about the opportunity and the benefits that come with it. But you also have to remember how difficult it is to just offer random people some "opportunity" online. Just know that if you remain honest and open about things, and work consistently to professionally promote your services, that eventually things will pick up. As far as cover letters and stuff being written by other people, and having to use those on your site, I strongly urge you to reconsider. One of the downsides to so many MLM's is the cookie cutter website designs that are out there. Check into the rules and regulations of your organization, and see what you can do about maybe building your own site elsewhere that is completely customized as YOU see fit. Get yourself some type of social media campaign started up and just start spreading the word.
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  5. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Thank you jgrooms101..... I have started on a social media campaign through FB and Pinterest so spreading the word is where I have started really. The company would prefer if we didn't have our own websites because they have spent a lot of money on marketing tools through the back office, which is fine because I must have about 4 websites I can choose from.

    What do you think about spending money on advertising ?
  6. jgrooms101

    jgrooms101 New Member

    Hi Nita,
    If you have the money to put into advertising, there's nothing wrong with that. Getting your product and service in front of as many people as possible is the goal no matter what, so you just have to decide if you want to pay money for that, or do it yourself with your own campaigns. Of course Facebook has paid ads, but I've never used those myself, although I hear they can provide lots of decent traffic.

    Personally, I think there are 2 options for advertising. You could continue to build a following through all the free platforms as possible and make sure you've perfected your pitch before you start spending money on advertising. And by pitch I mean your ability to answer all the questions anyone might ask without hesitation. Once you get to that point, then consider putting money into advertising.

    Or option 2, just go for paid advertising right away along WITH building your following for free, lol! You just have to consistently get your message out there. The key word being "consistently." Once you take a break from it, you fade into the oblivion of the internet. And remember, there are way over 100,000,000 websites in the world, so build your following so people have a reason to choose yours instead of the others.

    Contact me on Facebook if you can. :)
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  7. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Thank you :)
  8. Drsavings

    Drsavings New Member

    Online, I find it hard to do myself. I prefer in person, I like to be more selective and look for people that show a drive and passion for what they already do. Its tough to get that feeling from a person online. Sure we could sign up any warm body, but its tough to help someone that doesnt have ambition. Maybe its just me, but why spend all that time working with someone that doesnt want to put in the work? I will bend over backwards to help someone with ambition.
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  9. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Hiya, I completely agree. Speaking to someone in person has helped me learn a lot but I've been lucky enough to get leads from on-line, then I speak with them to gain their level of interest. My product is for everyone and not just net workers, but those who wish to join me in this business have to convince me that they have what it takes. I'm in this for the long haul so screening is important because I've found my fair share of those wanting to start their own business but wasn't prepared to invest. Not sure how that one works :)
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to the forum Nita,

    Great place to live and learn from, as most of us know, you never know it all. As to your quest for success, I use to own a traditional travel agency and sold it before all these internet programs killed traditional travel agents. No doubt, with dozens of companies like Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline, Hotel, Expedia and Travago which scans all the best deals from consolidators, it is not easy getting someones attention when thousands of TV ads are running on travel deals. I am glad I sold when I did.

    You will have the best results face to face and personal referrals. I use to advertise travel training classes to recruit outside agents which was extremely well received back in the day before everyone was promoting travel deals. I use to raffle off my travel fams earned to those taking my training classes, so the average class was 20 and one would end up with a next to nothing free trip or cruise as example which really go everyone into it. You are excited, so learn the industry and offer free travel agent course at local college as example. Most have low cost rooms you can rent and then post on bulletin boards. I use to fill rooms with interested people who liked the idea of traveling for less. I also use to set up at local business fairs which are popular for local chamber of commerce promotes a few times a year. Again, face to face is best, and you have a pretty face, so should not be a problem for you. Great smiles can take you miles when it comes to sales, as you must already know as a sales manager.

    Success to all,
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  11. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Hi Yagooft

    Thank you for the reply, it's nice to hear from someone who has been in the travel industry before.

    The MLM I'm involved in is not like a travel agency, it's basically a search engine that offers the cheapest on line price so very similar to Expedia and Trivago, and although it's a very good idea to offer travel agency courses for free it wouldn't fit this particular company. We also offer free trips with membership, at the moment there is a free 5 days cruise around the Caribbean on offer so we have this covered. When you step back from it and look at what we offer it really should be easy but of course not everything runs as smoothly as we would all like. But I have the passion and I intend to be in this for the long haul so hopefully this will carry me through. The idea of local business fairs sounds great, thank you.

    What industry are you in now ?
  12. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome to our little community here, Nita! I used to be in a travel business a number of years ago when my kids were younger and now my oldest sons introduced me to a travel mlm that they are involved in that is quite interesting. I am thinking about jumping on board with it as I love the thought of having access to all the vacation packages with a monthly 'Costco like membership' and I love the challenge of network marketing.

    I have done enough NM to know that it is best to plug into whatever your upline is doing and to let them help you with it. Every company and/or team has their own methods that work ( it worked to get YOUR interest and to get YOU into it, right? ;) ) ...

    Anyways - I am still doing some research but am seriously considering it. :D

    Good luck with yours!
  13. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Thank you mountainmum, Yes, I love it....My team, the company and the challenge :)
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    When I was in travel industry, it was conventional agency, today, everything is virtual when it comes to travel. I focus on recession proof businesses, and like you stated, you have a website which offers discounts, I am involved with similar business which also has a travel plan, and in my experience in industry, I check them all out, and when doing the price comparisons with all the name brands, we beat them all for same exact trips, cruises, hotels and car rentals. In some cases, significant savings, so give me your best deal with hotel, date, airfare, whatever and it would be interesting to see if your deal is equal to my current affiliate. We all know the comparisons are easy to compare for most will be the same from all the name brand TV promoted deals. Next, what are your membership fees in total per year, always like to do comparisons to live and learn.

    Success to all,
  15. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Haha...I do like a challenge. Currently, we have a 5 day 4 night cruise around the Bahamas for $210 pp however if you beat me on price, we shall pay 150% the price difference :) $300 to join but you get 20 x $200 gift cards as reward for joining, $60 per month until you recruit 3 people then your membership is free. Every time your members book, you earn rewards towards your travel so in some cases you could end up taking a trip completely free. How does yours compare ?

    I too like to see comparisons, it helps to share the value with our customers..
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Yes, I am always looking for the best deals, so what is the cruise line, cabin level, dates and I will give you a comp for same deal. Does your company use consolidators? Our travel deal is no fee, but $49.95 a month for booking access and website. When you say $200. gift cards, what kind, travel vouchers or cash gift cards?

    Success to all,
  17. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Hi Yagooft....The cruise line is Royal Caribbean Majesty of the seas, interior cabin. 4 nights/5 days Nov 9 - 13. $260pp with a $200 travel gift card, + $100 value of amenities although i'm not quite sure what they are unless it means all in

    The $200 is for using against travel rather than cash, also we give rewards point dollar for dollar each and every time members book which can be used to bring the price down further

    We pay $20 per month for our tools site which gives us 4 different websites depending on what theme we want to concentrate on, plus all the marketing literature which is up dated regularly. Yes, we have to look out for the best deals :)

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Thanks, one last question, what port of call is cruise out of?
  19. Nita McKenna

    Nita McKenna New Member

    Hi Yagooft... It's from Miami, then Nassau, Cococay, Key West and back to Miami. Interested to know how we did on price :)

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Thanks, it appears we are using the same consolidator, I found the same booking price of $188.00 plus taxes, so good for you, you are hooked up with a great wholesaler in travel industry. Yours is the first I have compared apples to apples with which we couldn't beat by much, so you should do well, best of luck to you.

    Success to all,
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