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  1. Kritter

    Kritter New Member

    Hello, I'm interested if anyone here has been hired/worked for NHE as an exam processor?
  2. teaserrate

    teaserrate New Member

    Time consuming work. A lot of reading and note taking. The pay is very good and NHE is a really good company to work for.

    Goog luck!!
  3. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    NHE Certification is a good company to work for. I worked for them in Oneonta at it was a perfect job while I attended college. They always pay on time and unlike some other certification companies (I won't mention their name) NHE checks always cash! Also, you can get certified for free which is really good because their program is expensive. I still use my NHE Master trainer certification and have never had any problems finding work with it.
  4. AshleySullivan

    AshleySullivan New Member

    Starting pay for exam processors is not bad, depending on what level of authorization you have ($50 and up). NHE Certification is a newer company with tremendous potential and that's why I sought employment with them. I wanted to get involved with a company that had fresh ideas and concepts and help them grow into something bigger. If you are used to being an independent contractor, then you will like it. It's a 1099 position.
  5. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    Did you take the test? Were you hired? I am scheduled to take the level 3 test Nov.7.

    In the email the hiring office sent me stated an exam processor would be a w2 employee and not a 1099. Do you work for them?

    Thanks for any info you can provide. Seems to be a lot of conflicting info out there! But I would love to get the job if it truly exists!
  6. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Just curious - what is an NHE Certification Exam? [​IMG]
  7. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    It is the National Health Educators exam. They have several different certifications regarding fitness and nutrition
  8. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    I think it used to be an ic position but that was years ago. When I worked for them, all instructors and processors were employees. You have to score high on the exam to become a processor. Just simply passing won't get you the job.
  9. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    What does ic stand for? When did you work for them and why did you leave? Thanks!
  10. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    Independent Contractor. I left because I went to work with my sister to start our physical therapy clinic. Sometimes I wish I never stopped because I really enjoyed working for them. To me it was fascinating, but so is the one-on-one interaction I get with patients.
  11. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    Thanks for your input. I was a little dubious before about it because it seemed too good to be true and there were quite a few posts from people saying it was a scam to get people to buy study guides, which made me nervous. But the email i received from the recruiter from NHE seemed very legit, and their website seems very legit and there is more positive feedback than negative. The negative might be from those who do not pass and have sour grapes. Any pointers you could give insofar as the test and the interview would be much appreciated!
  12. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    I have read those posts too and they are obviously from people who didn't buy a study guide, thinking they could pass without one, but failed the exam. They probably felt "cheated" because they should have been able to pass without a study guide. That argument is a really thin one because of two reasons: 1) Anyone applying for a job position should currently have what it takes to do the job. The NHE job isn't for just anyone off the street. 2) If you fail an exam that is known to be very difficult, it should come as no surprise. Besides, the "scam" argument isn't logical because I was not required to purchase one. I was not required to purchase anything. They only told me I had to pass the exam to prove I knew what I was talking about. Anybody can say they have tons of experience and lie about what degrees they have because it happens all the time. I think it's smart of NHE to make everyone prove it. The people who fail the NHE exam are the real scams because they obviously lied about their expertise level.

    I past the first time and so I am a bit bias I guess. As far as pointers, I would just say that the exam is hard by content, but more so by time restraint. Don't spend a bunch of time answering each question and also don't think you can go online, during the exam, and retrieve answers from the Internet because you will get caught and they will ban you from enrolling in any NHE program for five years. The exam is really your interview. If you get a letter, the job is as good as yours.
  13. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    Which exam did you take?
  14. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    Can I also ask why you are on a work at home forum if you have a physical therapy practice?
  15. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    I took all three personal trainer programs and the fitness nutrition program. I found this site because we are looking to incorporate a line of vitiman and/or herbs and many that I have found are "home based" MLM programs.
  16. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    Thanks so much for all your input! Best of luck to you!
  17. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    No problem. I guess when all is said and done, everyone is free to read and believe any blog posted online, but I actually worked at NHE and I'm pretty sure that anyone who has can vouch for their professionalism or legitimacy. Anyway, Good Luck!!
  18. meandthee2

    meandthee2 New Member

    Does anyone have the study guides? I think they are delivered online. I want to get them but cost is high.
  19. helj67

    helj67 New Member

    there are different study guides that are designed to go with each test. I just took the level 3, master trainer exam and the study guide was very helpful. It is worth the money.
  20. deltatech

    deltatech New Member

    This all sounds so interesting, I tried to find them on the web but couldn't. Can you post their web address for me please? Thanks.

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