Not A Guru, But Willing To Offer As Well As Receive Advice

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by keahey29, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. keahey29

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    I'm new to the online forums and don't really know where or how to begin, so i'm just going to jump right the title says, i'm not a guru, but i am willing to offer as well as receive advice on the topic of working from home...i have been working from home for a few years now, and after a lot of failing to succeed, i finally figured it out, and it was something that didn't cost a penny, after i had spent hundreds if not thousands already...and i just began to build from there, perfecting it and having some fun with it...i'm far from an overnight millionaire, so i'm not trying to hype you up thinking that this is a post on getting rich quick because it's not...what this is, is a formal introduction of a 29 year old male, married, father of a beautiful 4 year old girl, with felony convictions on my record that made it nearly impossible to get a job, who just wanted to contribute and support his family, finally turned to the internet and after many trials, has created an online business making good money, and working from i said, i'm not a guru, so i would love advice from anyone who has done the same and can also give advice to anyone wanting to do the same...i'm not going to go into detail right now because it could take a while, but i have a lot to share with anyone interested
  2. PeterFrosen

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    Look forward to hearing and learning from you. Hit me up if you have any thing you want to answered and we can think tank together lol
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Welcome to the forum. Why don't you tell others here how you are doing things to make money online? It would be a great help.
  4. keahey29

    keahey29 New Member

    Much appreciated for your interest guys...well, i honestly don't even know where to start...i've tried so many different things and believe that i have finally put all of my trial and error together into something that actually works as a home based business...i have a lot to go into, so i'll more than likely break it all down into sections, that way i can receive some feedback, ideas and suggestions from you guys as to whether or not what i'm doing is right as well as how you can benefit from it if it is right...first off, i'm sure a lot of you have heard of, and or use ClickBank...after doing a lot of research on the internet as well as paying countless amounts of money for various products and e-books, ClickBank is what i continued to go back to...for those of you not familiar with ClickBank, it's for affiliate marketers, which basically just means you're a middle man, you connect a buyer with a seller and make commissions off of it, good commissions at that, as well as recurring and residual income from it...there however is a lot that goes into it, at least the methods i've been using, which by the way have actually been working, but for anyone serious about working from home and actually making rather than losing money, then this is where you start...i would like to see if anyone has any opinions, ideas or suggestions regarding ClickBank before i go any further into detail...i don't want to go too fast and want to make sure i'm helping and not confusing anyone...thanks everyone
  5. talfighel

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    Good advice but the one thing that I recommend to new people who are brand new to the internet business world is to get themselves involved in an MLM company that has a good track record, great compensation plan, and a company that has a business recruiting tool such as an OPT IN form from where you can advertise your link and let the system do all the selling for you.

    I do not recommend anyone promote clickbank products for others only because you want to follow this advice by J. Paul Getty:

    "I would rather earn 1% off the efforts of 100 people than 100% off the efforts of myself."

    When you promote work at home affiliate programs through clickbank, you give the product owner the win situation because they give all of their customers the option to become an affiliate.

    Imagine how many affiliates they can get in a matter of a few months.

    That is why you see all those GURUS promise to show you how they earned $3 Million on clickbank in 2011 and how you can too.

    Why not, for the same efforts that you put in online like advertising, build a large team of affiliates in any of the MLM programs online?

    For the same effort, your income will snowball with an MLM company online. You got to think really hard before you jump into promoting products on clickbank because you are only making the vendor or product creator rich and not yourself.
  6. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    "Not A Guru", rather than start a new thread how about reading previous posts?
    Search - clickbank
    ClickBank has been discussed on so many threads already, pro and con.
    Basically, as Tal said, you are giving away customers to the seller to build his list.
    You will have to repeat your efforts over and over in order to earn a living.
    Better to spend time building your own business instead of for someone else.
    Also, refunds are very common with CB products so it doesn't count until it's in your bank.
    Best of luck to you and congrats on making your life better.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Some good points guys. Keahey29, look into making income that is automated and long-term. You seem to have the entrepreneural mindset. It takes work to acheive the results you seek. Good for you on your positive change in life.
  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. Spend time learning and apply marketing techniques and strategies that are proven and have worked for other successful people and you too can have success.

    It take consistency and effective marketing to create home business success with affiliate or network marketing.

    Once you know how to market well, there's not too much you can't find success in.
  9. Gen1

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    What a courageous story, Keahey 29.

    I do agree with our forum members above - it does take work and effort but the main thing is to stay at it.

    Like Tal, I'd prefer to put the effort into my own site and my own business rather than putting the effort into directing traffic to someone else's site.

    It's always best to build a site based on something you know really well. Do your keyword research and create great content. I'm sure it's what you are doing now anyway, except you'll be doing this for yourself rather than the CB vendor.

    Good luck, Keahey 29!


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