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    So does this sound feasible? What if possibly this is Standard Operating Procedures for the Feds to investigate any company that is handling and dealing with large amonts of money as ASD.

    Granite, the amount of time that it took to make over 100 million was rather quickly. But maybe they are just checking into things to see what the deal is and they will let Andy alone.
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    Soon to be a Major Motion Picture
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    Just got off the phone and listened to the voicemail from Bill Cowden, Chief of the Asset Forfeiture Unit with the Department of Justice/US Attorney General's office. He states "if you're calling about Ad Surf Daily there will be more information posted on the internet in the next couple of days." I'm assuming it's the following website:

    Not good.
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    That's it folks! It's gone....chalk another one up! Live and learn, I know I just learned a valuable lesson. Working five minutes a day is not the way we make a living here in the U.S., nor is it legal.
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    Time to sell more steaks
  7. logicalusa

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    Not good is right. Point of no return here. Doubt the agencies looking into this will return everything later and let ASD continue.

    "Oops. Sorry. Please continue".
  8. Caterina

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    Oh, now.....c'mon......of COURSE they're getting a lot of calls.....with over 100,000 members, you can bet more than a handful are calling....they're no doubt being flooded by callers, and I'd guess a recorded message takes care of the ringing phones for now while they go on with their investigation.

    Ain't no fat lady sung YET......chin up.....if she ever DOES sing, then we can chalk another one up......but let's give it awhile.....

  9. RickKelley

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    My only hope now is that we can recover some of our money some way, some how! I am not even worried about my money, I am just sick as to how I am going to explain this to my downline! Bragging to them about what a good company ASD is and look what I got them into. #$%^
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    I agree with Caterina. I think we should just wait and see, just like we were yesterday. Everything is still speculation. I personally will not give up until some official word is given that they are shut down for good.
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    I will try to explain clearly what I see going on here from both personal knowledge of how this works and from consulting an attorney who specializes in the compliancy of this industry. This is not legal opinion, it's just my opinion.

    The Feds have probably already been investigating them behind the scenes without ASD's knowledge. From their investigation they have highly suspected their business model is illegal. From their conclusions from their behind the scenes investigation, they have set in motion the course of action that they need to take to gather the evidence they need to prosecute.

    First they froze their assets, which is a serious indication that they believe their operation is illegal. Secondly, they have gotten a search warrant from a judge. In order to get a search warrant, they have to present the judge with enough evidence to convince the judge that they believe a crime is being committed. The judge signs the warrant and they go in and read the warrant to ASD. They then can go in and take whatever they want. They will then sift through all of their seized records, computers, etc. From there they will compile the evidence they need to prove their case in a court of law.

    This isn't "let's have a chat about your little business here, so I feel better about you."

    This is more like "You're going down, and I'm going to prove it. So give me everything you got."

    The legal team that has been working with ASD thus far are not defense attorneys . They are business attorneys. Their compliance work has not done anything to keep them from this point.

    The legal team that they need to gather now is a defense team, which is very different from a business attorney. From my understanding, they are working on that right now.

    So, this is far from over. And, no, the magic fairy is not going to sprinkle fairy dust and make it all go away.
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    It certainly does not look good but you had to figure that was the next step after they froze the assets. This is where all the trust we put into Andy comes into play. If he was playing by the rules we have nothing to worry about.

    To do this I know for a fact they need a search warrant, paperwork etc. ASD now knows what the investigation is about and better tell us on tonight's conference call. We deserve to know!
  15. iggyigette

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    Hopefully there will be a Conference Call tonite.
  16. vikingfan

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    Yeah I doubt there will be a call tonight
  17. iggyigette

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    If there is a Call tonite and Andy is on the call...then at least he believes in his company and will stand to up to the Investigation.

    As far as I know there isn't a "Warrant" out on Andy, only a "Search Warrant" of his business and HIS HOME!
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    Typically a warrant will only be issued if the company doesn't want to divulge information. HOWEVER; it may be that the AG doesn't want to leave a way out in case the do find something. I would still remain calm and wait a few more days.

    Be thankful the accounts are frozen, all, some or a bit of your money is safe...I think. But really it is not the time to panic. I'm not an ASD member but at this point all anyone can really do is remain calm as anything more than that is only going to stress you out.

    Not all internet marketing companies are scams. Though I will say anything worth building is going to take time, remember that next time. Most people who are working online have their own horror stories ranging from $50 - $5k mistakes. I know I've personally thrown away $1k before. It's a learning experience and it will only server you later in both life and business. If it sounds too good to be true chances are that it is.
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    Well said. This is not a lost cause yet. If Andy and A.S.D. are up to 'code' than they can take all the computers they want.
  20. iggyigette

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    This is a Data Gathering Process...NOT A CONVICTION of some crime.

    Get on the Call tonight.

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