Offered a NEW SKILL.. anyone do ProFlowers?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by ourkidsmom, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. ourkidsmom

    ourkidsmom New Member

    I currently do ShopNBC and was offered ProFlowers... any positive/negative feedback on ProFlowers?? Shop is super easy and I have done ok getting the hours I want so ProFlowers is just a bonus and I am hoping will be fun! Maybe I won't get the old men hitting on me anymore and asking me for my phone number? ROFLOL
  2. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    I am in the same situation. I also work for SNBC and was just offered ProF. I would also appreciate any info or incite that anybody wishes to share. How does the training for this skill work? I see that I have to schedule training hours for this skill, is it self paced and taught like the SNBC skill? Do you who have experience like this skill? Any bad points or good points that you'd like to share? Thank you.
  3. Mommamona1

    Mommamona1 New Member

    I have completed the $n&C skills & webinar but have yet to get a client login to start work. That was all completed before the end of Dec. 08. How long did it take before you got the client login info? I now have be offered the Pr@f and can't get the hours needed for the traiing on Spectrum. It appears there are no hours avail. for the training when you click on the schedule but it looks like you can pick up hours on the trade schedule. I called a PAL & they said it appears to be a problem with scheduling & they won't penalize me because the hours aren't avail. for training. Has anyone one run into this problem?
  4. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    Well I accepted ProF but couldn't start my training until Monday. I already had forty hours of SNBC scheduled for this week. That was two days ago, today I logged on and there were no hours showing for the ProF training. After looking into it further I found out on the training page that I was "terminated-eligible for rehire". I guess they over filled the skill and bumped me because I hadn't started training yet. What a load of crap.
  5. Mommamona1

    Mommamona1 New Member

    That is really strange. I have been having trouble getting a schedule set up in Spectrum & had to call the Help Desk today to help me. I finally got into Spectrum to schedule hours & that wasn't until after 12:00 noon CST. I don't understand why you weren't able to schedule hours because there are plenty. You may want to check into that if you really want the skill. I start training in less than an hour...I will let you know what it is like. Wish me luck.
  6. Mommamona1

    Mommamona1 New Member

    Just finished my first test on pR@f and it wasn't bad at all...actually think it was easier than $n&c. Word of caution though...if you schedule 30 min or an hour on Spectrum for training the training program will let you continue past the scheduled time, but you will only get credited for the time you scheduled. By the way, how long did it take for $n&c to e-mail you login information? I'm still waiting on mine.
  7. nuctread

    nuctread New Member

    anyone finish training and try to schedule webinar - please let me know how to do this - i tried to called number they gave but was told to watch urgent news and email for schedules???
  8. Mommamona1

    Mommamona1 New Member

    They usually e-mail you and let you know to schedule webinars & they will post notices on the news events on the West home page just watch out for those.
  9. maresha

    maresha New Member

    What company do you guys work for? I'm in between jobs and was looking for a 3rd party outsourcer.
  10. jmo11

    jmo11 New Member

    Pro flowers missed delivery to my girlfriend today (Valentine's Day). I paid extra to ensure delivery 5 days prior. I will never use them again.
  11. CurlindaS

    CurlindaS New Member

  12. casino7807

    casino7807 New Member

    I have worked HSN for about 5 years and just started Pro Flowers for Valentines day. It was fun and really easy compared to HSN. It IS seasonal and I look forward to Mother's day. Pay was great.
  13. babysava

    babysava New Member

    how do you get to work for shop nbc or pro flowers please tell me so I can get a work at home job please help send info to
  14. CurlindaS

    CurlindaS New Member

    You can apply with West At Home, There are many different companies you can choose from as long as they are hiring at the time you apply. Also for HSN, you can apply directly at, go to the bottom of their page and click on careers. Follow the prompts.

    Another company you may want to try is Teletech, they are seasonal but the earning potential is worth it. Their website is Good Luck[​IMG]

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