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Discussion in 'Prosperity Automated System' started by Carol Lee, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Carol Lee

    Carol Lee New Member


    After the intial investment of either the $1995 or the $3800, what other expenses are we taking about? I just dont want to go into this blind then find out there are more costs than what i had expected. If you take the pas website at face value, its telling you that you can do nothing and still make a profit and i for one still believe that some kind of work is still needed on our parts to make something happen be what ever that is.

    On that subject, what is the work that is involved to make this thing take off. If we are going to do it then lets do it right.
  2. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    Hi Carol Lee,

    The only other expenses that you will incur are advertising expenses. PAS does supply you with an ad pack for your first month and you do have the option to buy more, but I still highly suggest that you go out and run some of your own advertiisng other than the ad packs as well.

    The forms of advertising that are working for me are Pay per Click advertising (Google Adwords), press releases, and forum advertising. Of the three, Forum advertising is free, press releases range from free to $200+ depending on the distribution level that you desire and PPC you set your own personal limits for.

    My methods average me $20,000-$30,000 per month, so I must be doing something right! [​IMG]

    At the moment, I am working out ways to advertise PAS for my team (The PAS Success Team), to help them get their 1-ups and on the path to making their own money faster. We have a team forum, a full team resource website with a variety of different advertising suggestions, will soon have a web conference room for current member and prospective member education and the co-op advertising is already in effect. I've even formatted my own website to request that people click my team member's callback link instead of my own as part of this teamwork effort!

    Since I am considering these few weeks a test period while I figure out co-op costs, the members in the rotator are my unqualified members and I am paying for all of the advertising personally and the results are shaping up to be pretty good so far! [​IMG]

    If you would like to check out what my team is up to, feel free to click on my "About Me" page link in my sig. It will give you a little information about myself, my team and has a link to my team forum.


  3. cost123

    cost123 New Member

    An average of $20K-$30K is really outstanding, well done Christy..
  4. PASharvey

    PASharvey New Member

    I actually stumbled across this forum on accident and thought I could give some insight about PAS. I actually just joined with PAS about 2 weeks ago having no experiance in this sort of thing and am actually really pleased with whats happening. I must admit there is a learning curve when you don't know what you're doing, but it's a short quick one. The PAS team as a whole is really helpful and have many training calls and Q&A's every week which have helped me out a ton. If you're with PAS they will never leave you out in the cold. You don't have to spend a ton on advertising as much of the best methods are really inexpensive if not free. I have only spent a few hundered which is turning into results I really never expected. You can take the passive approch and it will still happen for you, but it will take longer and in less volume. I personally have taken the active approch because I hope to be like Christy one day and make the big bucks! You get what you put into it. I like to think of it as am I in the business or is the business in me? As for the work involved, its simply just advertising. It's not so much how much you advertise but where and how. Hopefully that will help you with an opinion of someone whos just getting going without any prior experiance. It's nice to see both sides of the spectrum sometimes. Hope that helps!

    Best of luck,
  5. PASharvey

    PASharvey New Member

    He is totally right....advertise, adrvertise, advertise.......it's the way to make the big bucks. Just make sure you're doing it in the right places!!!

  6. Kandace

    Kandace New Member

    I agree with everyone elses post. You must advertise! There are a lot of free and/or very inexpensive ways to advertise that can help you get your first few sales which you can reinvest to start earning you the "big bucks"!!!
  7. cowgirlkendra

    cowgirlkendra New Member

    Can anyone give specific examples of the types of advertising you are talking about?

    I'm still trying to figure this whole PAS thing out (at a detailed level) and it seems that everyone talks about advertising being the key - which makes sense - but no one talks about the specifics.

    I've read enough general information... specifics?
  8. Kandace

    Kandace New Member

    I use PPC advertising, I place Ezine Ads, I use free traffic generation sites, I place banner & classifed ads and in some cases I purchase prospects. I do all my advertising online.

    Does that answer your question?
  9. cowgirlkendra

    cowgirlkendra New Member

    Hello, Kandace.

    Yes, thank you. Those are some very specific examples of marketing tools. I appreciate your response.
  10. webnancy

    webnancy New Member

    Hi all,

    I keep getting emails from "Sally Darling" from Prosperity Automated Systems. ...claims to have made over $11grand a month doing this and goes on about it being so easy and totally automated, but if there is no labor or creative input by me, is PAS really a business at all? All you do is buy google ads every month. I take it as a scam.. it cant be that easy.. so to speak.
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    People who cultivate a professional level of skill as marketers can make a professional level of income. Is it a scam? Perhaps if the only way you can sell it is by misleading people or lying to them.

    Is it a business? If you run it as such. There are two basic ways to be in business: You have integrity or you don't.

    With any of these programs some promoters have integrity, some don't.

    For those who want a secure five-figure monthly income, I suggest getting an MBA from an accredited university. For those who want to be entrepreneurs, internet promotion of 1-up and 2-up programs isn't a bad way to start.

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