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    Note From the President and CEO

    Written by Clarence Busby, Jr.

    Thursday, 07 August 2008 01:20

    Let me first say how much that I appreciate all of your prayers and support. We got a call from someone in Canada that stated that half of Canada was praying for our success. It has been no different in the states; people are sincerely praying and standing up for the Golden Panda, the staff and for me. Thank You. We have read the complaint and strongly disagree with much of what was stated. Of course out of the 101 pages only 3 or 4 had any mention of Golden Panda. Our attorney is a very accomplished and successful attorney who feels comfortable and ready to defend our position on everything. For those of you who do not know me you will see that I have not and will never be a quitter, especially when I feel strong about my position that I am taking. This will be a fight but I believe that we will prevail.

    Many of you have shared your stories about the success that the ad package purchase has brought to you for your businesses. They have all been great and you have truly stated the importance of this program being around forever. Your success stories have also inspired us to ask for these to be sent to us on a regular basis so that others will understand the importance of the Golden Panda program. Please send your stories to sucessads@goldenpandaadbuilder.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    The question that I am asked most often is, "When do you expect to be opened again?" Just asking "when" and not "will you" is letting me see your confidence that we will be open. And we will. This is the same question that I am asking my attorney, but he does not know at this time, so I 'don't either. Let's all just be positive that we will be opened very soon.

    Again, thanks for all the confidence that you have place in me and again I tell you that I will not disappoint you. Have a good night and remember worrying will not change anything. Be confident with me that we will have many great years to celebrate a tremendous program.

    God bless.
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    Taken from the US Attorney Generals 101 page complaint Case: 1 : 08-cv-0 1 345

    49. A public Internet search of Busby revealed a 1997 SEC case (SEC v. Walter Clarence Busby, Jr. Civil Action No. 1 :97-CV-2653, Northern District of Georgia). The SEC successfully charged that Busby had violated anti-fraud provisions of the Securities laws by
    offering and selling investment contracts in connection with three different "prime bank" schemes. Busby was accused of raising money for purported trading programs in "prime bank" notes by fraudulently representing that investments were risk-free and the ventures would result in returns ranging from 750% to 10,000%. In total, Busby raised nearly $1 million from more than 70 investors. None of the investors earned the exorbitant returns promised by Busby. Busby was ordered to pay $15,000 in disgorgement to victims; however, after Busby filed a financial statement to support a professed inability to pay, the court dismissed the order of
    payment. Busby filed for bankruptcy in 1997. This information was not disclosed on Golden Panda's webpage or mentioned by Busby during his recent conference call.

    The truth will set you free, or in this case SEND YOU TO JAIL FOR A LONG TIME.

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