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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by paulk, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. paulk

    paulk New Member


    Andy announced on the call tonight
    that ASD has now reached
    one hundred thousand members.
    This is the combined total of both
    the English site and the Spanish site.

    I know that we still have to be patient
    as they are fixing some of the problems
    that come with growing so fast.

    But we should all be so happy that we
    are with a company that has such tremendous
    growth. I know that we are all in the right
    place and will all be rewarded.
  2. jimmudge

    jimmudge New Member

    Any other good news announced?
  3. paulk

    paulk New Member

    They also said that they are catching up
    with cashouts as fast as possible.

    Currently they are sending out 500 - 700
    checks a day. Next week the ACH bank
    transfer system will be up and that will
    make cashouts super fast.

    Also, they filmed an infomercial that will start
    airing by August 15th and we can all take part
    in that advertising coop.
  4. rippinrod

    rippinrod New Member


    I'm normally very skeptical of this type of enterprise and this is the first time in many offerings that I've decided to take part. My uncle is a doctor and is always seeking good opportunities. He has been, and is involved, in a lot of different opportunities. He's encouraged me here and based on his past, for the first time, I'm following his lead. Additionally, I wouldn't even classify him as a "High Roller" as some persons have chosen to identify others.

    I think this is just the beginning. For all of those people who feel they've missed the boat...I don't think so. ASD is suffering from growing pains.

    Once ASD takes on the characteristics of a well-oiled machine, and I think this will happen, then membership will explode again...assuming we sense or forecast it as slowing down.

    I think it is important for people to remember that this is an ADVERTISING business. Yeah, great, we get a rebate and a little more.

    But if you don't have a product to sell, then my personal opinion is that you shouldn't be here.

    Unfortunately, the current business I have is local and probably won't see significant benefit unless we do end up with regional sites. However, I am brainstorming for other viable products that are not constricted to locality. I have several ideas that are on the table.

    To me, the rebate is a plus--I want to see my other business(es) grow!!!

    I'm looking at this as a long-term business opportunity. The internet is changing the world and the way we look at it.

    Let's look at this optimistically, not pessimistically. There're too many of those.

    Good luck and prosperity to all.

  5. paulk

    paulk New Member


    You are right. This is just the beginning.
    Andy announced that we hit 100,000
    members but also said that this time
    next year he expects to hit 1 million members.

    It is possible. And you can start with your
    local website to promote and add others
    later on. Perhaps one day they will have
    regional sites.
  6. vikingfan

    vikingfan New Member

    100,000 members and 1 phone line...
  7. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    They will Upgrade to 2 phone lines by next year once it hits 1,000,000 Members!
  8. vikingfan

    vikingfan New Member

    Yeah but they don't have the budget for two fax lines...haha!

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