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    I have joined Online Payday System 2.0 and its an automatic marketing system promoting My Cash Freebies. The reason I decided to do this program is because it didnt cost anything to sign up, or to get the system. Its really easy for the newbie to use, as it has training videos that help you set up the system in 3 steps, and gets you off and running in just a matter of a couple of hours.

    The Pros

    You get paid Daily
    Easy To Use
    Free To Join
    Free Capture Pages
    Videos that do the selling for you

    The Cons
    You have to post many ads to get people to view the program. However once they actually look at the whole program they usually sign up.

    My Cash Freebies is paid by companies such as Go Daddy, Free Credit Score, Disney etc to get people to sign up for their free and low price trial offers. When someone does so and fulfills their credit requirment whih is very easy you get paid $20 -$30 for each member that does so. You get paid directly into your paypal account. I just made my first commissions last week and it was a two part payment one for $20 and one for $30. Now that I know how much work I have to put into this, I am doing so because to me its easy money.
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    If it is a free for all program then how is anyone making money?

    I never heard of them before but all I know is that when you are a free member of these programs, your commissions that you get paid per person goes down a lot.

    It would be better to be a paid member and invest in what ever tools.
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