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Did you know ONNIT had a free affiliate program?

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  1. mellisalouise

    mellisalouise New Member

    I think this is a great affiliate program because they offer high commissions (up to 18%) on their high quality health and fitness supplements, foods, and fitness equipment. The products are some of the best in the health and wellness industry and are endorsed by huge celebrities and pro athletes.
    I first heard about the company from listening to a Joe Rogan podcast. He was talking about how Alphabrain(one of ONNIT's first products) makes him form sentences better and make connections in his brain quicker. I have personally tried Alphabrain and New Mood and I definitely notice a difference in myself. Alphabrain has helped me during tests in college and just feeling like I can retain and use information better while studying and writing. Ideas seem to flow freely while taking it and lucid dreaming is a lot of fun! New Mood was amazing for me while I was stressed during the day and it helps me get to sleep easier and I feel I have a better sleep while taking it.
    There are a lot of other products that I haven't had the chance to try yet but I am interested in trying their 180* supplement that can help people with jet lag and hangovers! I also really love that their website is so professional and they are constantly producing quality content on their blog and in the ONNIT Academy.

    Here's how the program works:
    1. Sign up as an affiliate for free by completing the registration form(available worldwide)
    2. Set up your profile and create your personal referral id. This code will be at the end of your affiliate link.
    3. Begin sharing your link with your family and friends and tell them about the company. It's great on social networks!
    4. Get creative with promoting it! You can create infographics that can be shared on social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ etc. Write reviews on your blog or create a blog you write about your experience with the products. Promote it offline with flyers and business cards. The possibilities are endless!
    5. When someone uses your link and makes a purchase, you will make 18% in commissions if they purchase ONNIT's main products, 10% if they purchase the food products or fitness equipment.
    6. In your ONNIT Affiliate Center you will find a link that you can use to sign up Sub-affiliates, basically you can build a team of sub-affiliates and when they make sales, you will earn a percentage of their sales as well. Be a supportive team leader and train them to do the same thing you are doing and you can earn a steady income with this free affiliate program.
    7. Use your own affiliate link to shop for the products that you would like to try and it is like getting cashback when you shop!
    8. Use your Referral ID as a promo code and you can save 10% off your purchase. Or you can tell your friends that they can use your Ref ID as a promo code and promote it that way. This is how it used to work when ONNIT started the affiliate program.


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  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

  3. mellisalouise

    mellisalouise New Member

    Thanks for voting! So you've heard of ONNIT before? How did you hear about it?
  4. JPC

    JPC New Member

    I'm a new member to te this forum, I can say that I can personally vouch for this program, having a great first month with this group....:)
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  5. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Congrats JPC. It's always great finding something that works for you. Welcome to the forum too. :)
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I never heard of this company before.

    It is pretty amazing to know that there are 100's of programs out there online that I never heard of before and it also seems to me that 10's of new companies are popping each day these days.
  7. Winston Moven

    Winston Moven New Member

    Wow, I haven' heard of this company. You seem to be very enthusiastic about it, I am happy for you :)

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