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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by Kelsey, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Jeanne_dupont

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    I agree! Paid surveys can be really rewarding if you are on the right site! Having been a member of Survey Friends for the last year, I think that it's one of the best paid online survey sites. Over the past year, I have won many rewards, its a fantastic way of earning some great gifts and vouchers that I've already recommended to my family and friends.

    They often hold competitions on Facebook where you can earn some great vouchers too! Really worth checking out if you want to get some great rewards ;)
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    Using the right sites is important. If you are selective about the sites you use, you can make money. :)
  3. Popche

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    The surveys work but there are still scams out there and surveys that are weak and don't have members. So do research or learn from someone.
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  5. Jeanne_dupont

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    Agreed, some paid surveys can be very beneficial in terms of earning some decent money and rewards. After reading through forums I've came across a fair many, and I have a few that I would definitely recommend.

    Paid Product Testing- If your up for trying out new products then this site is perfect. Simply register choose the product tests you want to take part in and earn points for each test you take part in. They also give our points through competitions on Facebook which is worth checking out.

    Survey Friends- One of my Faveourite sites, as not like many others not only can you earn points for taking part in surveys, you can also trade in your points on their weekly Gift Lotteries for you chance to win more rewards. So far I've won a decent amount of vouchers well worth over £40.

    Hope this helps anyone trying to earn a bit of extra cash (y)
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    I use http://iwadi.net , they have great surveys , easy registration and payment via PayPal. They are part of Cint network so site is safe and you have guaranty of new research projects coming every week.
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    It's great getting rewarded for your opinion. :)
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    At my site I detail and review lots of survey sites. MintVine is the hottest right now, I cashed out $83 with them this month. I like to diversify my online earnings and not put them all in one basket.

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