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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by dianec, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. dianec

    dianec New Member

    Are there any opportunities for a nurse to use years of experience and knowledge working from home?
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I wonder if you could contact local area hospitals or something to that effect to see if they have any at home programs for nursing. My uncle had Parkinsons Disease before he passed away, and I know that there was someone who took care of him AT HIS HOME, but that is all I'm aware of.
  3. roger

    roger New Member

    Forgive me if I misunderstand your query.
    If you're looking for something in the medical field I can't help you but if you're looking for something where I know we have nurses as independent business owners, then this might be an option. It's in the travel industry so feel free to click on my signature link to view a two minute presentation.



    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Do you mean like WebMD?

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

  6. cclancy

    cclancy New Member

    hi, there are many opportunities, such as medical billing, consulting or even nurse entrepreneur. I found a lot of non traditional type opportunities, just let your creativity prevail!


    There are a lot of home based businesses which you are a health consultant. Trivita is the best one that I know of... Doctors and nurses are backing thier products and referring them. Rated #1 homebased business as well.
  8. CarrieLyn

    CarrieLyn Guest

    Hi Diane,

    I don't know of any opportunities specifically but I'd suggest doing a quick search online. There are lots of web based medical sites that offer diagnosis and help to people with problems who either don't want to go to the doctor or who can't afford one. With your knowledge and expertise I'd imagine you have a lot to offer these services and the patients they serve.

  9. j11_cook

    j11_cook New Member

    Hey There. I just happened to stumble across your post. I am a nurse of 15+ years myself. However, due to some medical issues, I have had to stop working as a nurse. I had to have a way to make some type of living as I am a single mother of 2. So, I went on a hard search of how to work at home. What I found was a lot of disappointment with people trying to scam me. I wasted a lot of time and money on this. I can tell you that there is money to be made on the internet and online respectively, you just have to know where to look. With your expertise in the healthcare field, there are a lot of places that would be glad to have you write articles for them, if you like to write.
  10. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    The internet has so much opportunities for you or anyone to just grasp.

    If you want to work at home then you need to give it time for it to work.

    Making money online is not that hard but when you are new and you don't know what you are doing, it can be very hard and very challenging.

  11. Biznurse

    Biznurse New Member

    YEP..... there are TONS of opportunities for Nurses working from home. Tim and I own a business that we build online (10 years now), and we've many times over replaced what i used to earn as a charge nurse and medical fraud investigator and him in the military..... We're debt free, traveling and loving life!! [​IMG]

    Some ideas to consider: legal reviews, auditing, consultant, medical fraud investigation .... the list goes ON and ON!!!!

    I LOVE being an Ex-Frustrated Nurse!!!! [​IMG]
  12. lizlopez316

    lizlopez316 New Member

    What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you like working on the computer, or do you like talking to people? Do you want to be isolated in the house working on writing or do you want to go out and meet people? Are you going to be able to keep up with providing fresh reading material on a consistent basis? or would you like a system that you can just duplicate? How much time you have to dedicate to this secondary activity? These type of questions would help you focus on the business that is going to be the most rewarding to you.
  13. Biznurse

    Biznurse New Member

    Are you with Melaleuca Liz?? Linda/CMAS, BS, RN

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