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    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to know had anyone else had an experience with Organo Gold the ganoderma coffee and supplements company? When I learned about Organo Gold from a family member, I thought it genius and a no-brainer, but I was really hesitant because of my experience with previous network marketing companies; mostly because I felt like I had to hard sell friends and family with products that I did or wouldn't use on a regular basis.

    After waiting 6 months, and consuming this company's products during that time, I was sold. Since joining, I have received so much help and support from my team and other company reps and it has been surprisingly easy to expose people to the product and opportunity. Sorry if I get verbose, it's just that I'm excited to have FINALLY found something that seems to work.

    The company has become one of the top three revenue earning network companies. It has achieved exclusive contracts with organizations like the Napoleon Hill Foundation and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. And best of all, it has an unparalleled 7 ways to get paid compensation package that doesn't rely solely on recruitment. This was a HUGE deal for me.

    The product is coffee. Coffee with a healthy element. That element being Ganoderma. For those unfamiliar with what Ganoderma is, the short definition is: Ganoderma Lucidum is the scientific name of the mysterious Red Mushroom called Reighi, Lingzhi, and Yeongji that grows on only 2 out of 10,000 aged wild plum trees found in the dense and humid high mountain forests of Asia.

    Known as the worlds most powerful herb, Ganoderma Lucidum neutralizes toxins and helps our human body rebuild its natural immune system. We have a lot of harmful toxins in our bodies and when our bodies get sick we go through a pH imbalance. By taking ganoderma lucidum daily, your body will begin to feel rejuvenated and invigorated.

    I personally have been drinking the organic green tea and taking the spore supplements. It works! I'm experiencing fewer allergy symptoms with the erractic weather changes, my low grade asthma and eczema have been significantly mitigated. I sleep better on fewer hours sleep (I know I shouldn't do this, but I'm a little bit of a rebel), I have more energy and am more alert and have clearer focus.

    And what has been easy for me to do is the following:
    (1) I get to set up a table at my daughter's preschool events and serve coffee (what a welcome relief I am to many parents! and when they realize how good they feel, they want to know what kind of coffee or tea I served and presto!)

    (2) I get to set up a table at my cousin's kids' performances when people are waiting in line to get into the performance hall or at games when their are no coffee refreshments for the parents they clamor for a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. It tastes great and they love it. And I love that they love it.

    (3) At the farmer's markets

    (4) At the local swap meets (San Diego has a many big ones)

    (5) At dance events that I attend (dancers and competitors always looking for coffee or pick me upper that doesn't have that horrible crash). Not to mention hotel starbucks is not open all night [​IMG]

    There are countless other means to retail and make income. The above are the ones I exercise.

    The company website is

    Let me know if anyone else has garnered this amount of success, or was I just that gung ho to make it happen and it did? Or, if you needed suggestions for simple ways to retail and earn 90-100% profit, then I hope the ways in which I approached this business help you. If so, please pay it forward.

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    The site looks very professional. I have to say that.

    I am not too sure how legitimate they are but do some research to see if this opportunity best fits you.

    It seems to me that they are very new so I would be a little cautious with them.


    Give them a try and see if they are good or not. Just because they are new does not mean that they are bad.

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    organofaith, coffee is very popular worldwide and we recognize that. It's a great concept and i'm glad to hear you've had good success with it. Keep it going regardless and run with the ball so to speak. I have to say though that from my research in nutrition, my concern is that since coffee is brewed generally around 200 F., what effect does this have on the ganoderma lucidum ingredient?
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    Talfighel and Rich, thank you for the support. So far, I cannot complain. Right now, I'm at a country event in Los Angeles called the Los Angeles Premier Dance Classic that hosts west coast swing, country, and salsa dancing.

    Just being here (I was a performer and competitor of west coast swing and salsa for many years), and not having to chase down people feels great. What I did the first day (yesterday) was setup and offer free samples in 3 oz cups from 10:30 - 6 pm (when starbucks closed). Kind of a try before you buy method. The idea of coffee with a healthy element is curious to most die hard coffee drinkers or those who don't drink coffee.

    The people who tried it were VERY pleasantly surprised by not only how good it smelled, but how great it tasted and smooth it was. No one who consumed it experienced any of the negative side effects normally associated with the acidic makeup of coffee. Because our coffee is alkaline, it neutralizes.

    I sold 6 boxes within an hour. I know I sound like a commercial but in sitting next to two other vendors - one selling cookie lee jewelry, the other selling dresses and costume accessories - I felt overjoyed in the fact that while I made a decision to purchase inventory for this specific event, I didn't have to invest the thousands of dollars that they did, AND I was reaping a 50-100% profit from selling my products. To me, this demonstrated how powerful this product and its retail ability really is. I haven't had to push, hard sell, deceive, manipulate or otherwise strong arm someone into being interested in coffee. The fact that later in the evening, when we were allowed to sell it by the cup in addition to the boxes, people were raving about how good it tasted and how they weren't experiencing crashes. That spoke volumes more than anything I, could possibly say.

    You are right. The company is new, relatively speaking, but what company wasn't ever new at some point. Our biggest and most trusted brandings started out as unknowns and the little guys in their beginnings. I kind of like the idea of being a part of something that is blossoming. When I got involved, it was about 6 months after I was introduced to the company and product. After seeing actual success of individuals in the company, knowing how much effort and energy they put forth and the return they were receiving, I determined that (1) the company was paying out on multiple levels as it outlined,(2) the compensation was disbursed weekly, (3) it was truly a retail-able product, (4) with effort and creativity, you could generate a healthy supplemental income without the need for recruiting. I do see how sponsoring or recruiting can fast track people in the organization, but my primary goal was not fast tracking, but to build a legitimate and solid stream of additional income. If I can eventually do so well that I can quit my regular line of work, fantastic - all the better. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the journey because I'm gaining skills and insights and challenging myself. Regardless of how this journey turns out, it will not have been a waste.
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    I've heard of OrganoGold before but isn't it a lot of product sales? Can you market it online and sign up reps online?

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Gina, it can be marketed online using the reps own creative ways. Like on Facebook fan pages. When you "say" lot of product sales, do you mean lot of product sales in order to make considerable income? I'm not in Organogold but when i had seen the compensation plan it showed a hybrid binary plan.
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    Yes, OG is about stacking you up with boxes of coffee to go out and sell or drink yourself.

    It is certainly a hot product and thus opportunity because of the massive coffee drinkers out there. If you are into physical products as a core part of an opportunity then this is a good one.

    However, I believe that every physical product home business person should also consider digital distribution opportunities. The future of home income success and more money for your efforts in your home business is in digital distribution and membership styled opportunities.

    With digital distribution product production, storage and shipping, etc. are not repeatedly sucking up the revenue to a company therefore a good company can payout more to the independent reps. Home business is about making money!

    Also if you are working OG I would definitely diversify my income stream. Too many of these physical product companies have overnight dumped their distributors if they get an opportunity for massive space on the shelves of your neighborhood store.

    Look out for you and not the company in YOUR home business.
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    I am a technology guy myself Organo coffee is good stuff but be careful with the green tea I needed to past a "test" for my day job, brewed 4bags into a 1 gallon pitcher drank it like iced tea cleaned me out real good. enrgy rush way too much here is a video of what happened
    be careful potent stuff, I buy it from a nice lady here in town
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    First off, I would like to point out that in the Ripoff report, even the Red Cross organization has taken some hits. The old saying, "You can't please all of the people all of the time". seems to be appropriate here. I would be willing to bet that every company has people that feel they were abused or taken advantage of. I like the OG products but haven't had any success in selling them. People tell me they really enjoyed the products and they made them feel great, but they don't buy. Oh well, I'm in this for a two year trail and I've only 6 months into it. I do have 4 people in my down line.
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    I've heard great things about this company. If I werent' busy with other things I'd probably join it myself! Thanks for sharing!

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