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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by emmagirl, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. emmagirl

    emmagirl New Member

    Hi All,
    I'm involved in a MLM company that is really pretty great. I have a replicator site, a back office, some customers and a downline rep.
    The company that I represent is based on pet products (ans I'm totally committed to the high standard that they are). Here's my thing. I've been to my 'warm market' with a little (not much) success. Have handed out free samples by the boat-load. Have talked to people in grocery stores that are buying inferior products. Have given out countless cards. The 'Big Wigs' of the company are completely within a phone call away (including the Vet that formulated the entire line). My upline is great but not a dynamo. She did put 7 customers under me to help boost sales. But I just can't seem to drive any traffic online.

    Any thoughts...and sorry to ramble on.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Do you have a landing page to capture leads? Also if you have your website in your signature so that others can see what you are doing, it will generate traffic to your site. I am curious myself![​IMG]

    There are a lot of folks that love pets - another thing I would do is find a forum in your line of interest.

    If you google pet supplies + forum or whatever you feel your niche is... and then be active on there - answer questions and give input, etc.... Make sure you have your website in your signature as that is one of the best ways to network with others and share what you have.

    Hope this helps a little![​IMG]
  3. web20mentor

    web20mentor New Member

    Wow...I may need to stay away from this one! It is sort of my specialty...getting leads and traffic. And I am very careful not to self promote here. Ok, here is the deal:

    1. Get a Myspace and a Facebook account. Tell YOUR STORY OF YOUR LIFE and how you came to be in a PET MLM. DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS!!! But do tell your story. HUGE difference. AFTER you have set these accounts up, go and type in the Myspace search bar "pets" and make sure on the drop down box that you click on "myspace". THERE ARE 187,000 RESULTS! There is a HUGE market on there.

    But that is ONLY THE START! AFTER you have done that and you say to yourself "HOLY PET POOP!"....then I want you to go to Myspace "Groups" and in the search box on that page (near the bottom) type in "Pets". 114 GROUPS ARE THERE WAITING ON YOU TO PLAY WITH THEM! Did you know that the "Cats Rock" group has over 50,000 members??? And the "Cat Lovers" group has nearly 20,000!!!

    .....now get ready...there are going to be some spammers who are going to message me here and say "Myspace doesn't work!"...they are right. If you do not know how to add value to ANY market, your marketing efforts will not work. However, after doing what I have told you to do I think you will agree that you have found a huge playground there. NOW YOU MUST LEARN TO MARKET TO THEM BY BEING ATTRACTIVE TO THEM. That takes some skill.

    2. Open a Youtube Account. Get a $30.00 webcam. Make some videos talking about how much you love animals. TELL YOUR STORY ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND HOW YOU CAME TO BE IN A PET MLM. DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS....TELL YOUR STORY.

    3. Spend a few weeks participating in these communities. Follow my posts here on this forum. They will help.

    4. Get a mentor. The average time to go from zero to a millionaire is 23 years. With a mentor....4 years.
    Get a mentor. It pays to have one. I didn't say get a buddy. I said get a mentor who has already done what you are trying to do. Make sure they can give you undivided attention. This will cost you...it will be worth it.

    5. HAVE FUN! You got into online marketing to be FREE. Free is a state of mind. Live your success right now. If you can see nothing BUT success...it has no choice but to manifest. This is Universal Law.

  4. emmagirl

    emmagirl New Member

    Wow!!! Thank you both so much!!! Mountainmom...I'm not clear what a landing page is. I have a replicator site. To make anything else would require approval of the company. I am on several pet forums but they prohibit any sort of 'advertising' though I try to stay below the radar. I did place an ad on DogChannel but nothing happened with that.

    Web...I hadn't thought of a MySpace or Facebook thing. Your post was so inspiring that I'm just dying to try it out!! Thank you Thank you!! I'll be sure to follow your posts! Many thanks to both!![​IMG]
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    emmagirl: I am on several pet forums but they prohibit any sort of 'advertising' though I try to stay below the radar

    Can you use your replicator site in your signature lines?? That is what most of us do on any forum as that is usually the rules on most forums - but you can have a link in your signature - and as you are networking, that is your trademark...

    Like on here for instance, you may be surprised how many people are curious about what you do - even though you are not 'promoting' your business...

    Just go to your profile and set up your sig line in there.[​IMG]
  6. emmagirl

    emmagirl New Member

    mountainmom5: Can you use your replicator site in your signature lines?? That is what most of us do on any forum as that is usually the rules on most forums - but you can have a link in your signature - and as you are networking, that is your trademark...

    Like on here for instance, you may be surprised how many people are curious about what you do - even though you are not 'promoting' your business...

    Just go to your profile and set up your sig line in there.
    Nope...I tried that and the mods deleted them. Can I post it here?
  7. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Just make sure it is in your signature line. If you add it to your posts , it will be deleted .

    Replace your 'sceptic' with your website link[​IMG]

    If you go to your profile it will walk you thru setting up your signature. If you look around a bit on the forums , it will give you a good idea of how to set up your signature.
  8. emmagirl

    emmagirl New Member

    well I did put it there...but it doesn't show up as a link. Either way....it's a better thing than Skeptic [​IMG]
  9. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    lol - yes it looks better! Just put around it and it will be clickable[​IMG]
  10. emmagirl

    emmagirl New Member

    Yeahhh!!! It worked!! TY TY!!
  11. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    WEB20MENTOR always has good ideas and sound from what I can see.

    A landing page is a simple Idea really that allows you to capture your own leads and follow up with them, to be honest I'm realy quite taken back that your site doesn't have one as this is pretty much internet marketing 101 for any MLM really.

    What you can do is:
    1. Ask your company if they plan on adding a lead capture portion on your page
    2. Ask them if you could create your own, it really is quite simple, and there are ways to have it done for free, grabthatlead.com for instance, or freeautoresponder, allow you to create afree accounts that capture leads, with both of these sites once the lead is captured you can forward them to your replicated site.
    I would definitely first check with your parent company as it might be a simple adjustment they are willing to make.

    If you are able to create a lead page on your own and don't know how come back here or PM me and I'll help you out.

    Best of luck,
  12. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    You have a beautiful website emmagirl [​IMG]
  13. emmagirl

    emmagirl New Member

    Thank you open!! I just may need your help. The company isn't against other sites, they just have to be approved first.

    Thanks to you too Mountainmom!! I'm growing already!!
  14. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    emmagirl: My upline is great but not a dynamo. She did put 7 customers under me to help boost sales. But I just can't seem to drive any traffic online.
    Hey Emma,

    Are you trying to get customers for the products or business builders for the opportunity? Obviously you want both in the long run, but what are you aiming for with your 'warm' market and your offline methods?

    It sounds like you are trying to promote the product. If that is the case, consider building a site that you can use to send traffic to your replicated site.

    I don't suppose you'd have to worry about approval if you don't use the site specifically to promote the company itself.

    For instance, you can build a site about healthy dogs or horse health or healthy eating for cats, etc. Think about what you are most interested in and knowledgeable about (maybe based on what type of pets you have yourself).

    As you provide good quality content to your site, the search engines will send you people who are ALREADY interested in that information. You can then gently point them in the direction of your personal recommendations (via a link to your replicated site).

    In that way, you won't be limiting yourself to just pet food. You can also make additional income from other related affiliate products and Google Adsense, etc.

    Then, as you develop your own customers of the products and they come back for more because the product is good, you can approach them about the business opportunity.

    In this way, you own your own business and are not just promoting that one particular company. If something happens to the company or your relationship with it, you have a solid foundation of your own that is still there. A few minor changes and you are still on track.

    Just another view to think about... [​IMG]

  15. kevinds1981

    kevinds1981 New Member

    Hey emmagirl,

    How about writing articles and submitting to the top directories where other websites can use them for content on their Google Adsense sites or just website owners that don't have time to their own content. This will:

    1. Get you one way links all pointing back to your site helping your search engine rankings (make sure to use the keywords you are going after as the link instead of the site name)

    2. Give you creditably on people who love their pets

    3. When used on all other sites this will generate alot of targeted traffic

    Also, what you can do is create a Free Report on say maybe "How to train your Dog or Cat in as little as 10 day" and in the report mention your products as an easier way to get the job done but the point is to give Free Informative Content and then include a link to your site and maybe offer Free Products. Then create a Capture page offering Free Report if they give you Name and Email (now you have a list of pet owners)

    If you don't know how to write an article then search for 10 articles already out there and just write your own or go to a forum and see what people in Pet Forums are asking about and write about that (as long as it ties into your product in some way)

    Then when you post in Pet Forum in your Signature Box have a sentence saying something like

    "Free Report Show you to train your pet in 10 days" with a link using your keywords as your anchor text

    Also, I would think about creating a blog for Pet Owners and have a link pointing to it from your mYspace Facebook **You Tube videos and other social sites like mentioned earlier

    ** Make sure when you do a video for YouTube that you put your website link as the first text in description box which is the only way it will be clickable

    I hope I this helps you out and Good Luck
  16. kevinds1981

    kevinds1981 New Member

    To add to my earlier post great article directories:


    Also, search your "Keyword+newsletter" and submit to those newsletters owners to see if they want to include your article

    Make sure you include a description about you and your site at the bottom of each article

    If you have any questions or need help let me know.. And don't worry I dont have a course to sell you or anything I am with Carbon Copy Pro I just like helping people out because I have been there!
  17. web20mentor

    web20mentor New Member

    WOW! What a thread! If emmagirl simply prints this thread out and does everything here...she will be just fine!

    I am so grateful to be a part of such a giving group!

    THIS is what "adding value" is all about. I hope people are taking notes!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. FedIntRev

    FedIntRev New Member

    I bet if you were really good at internet marketing, you could actually make quite a bit of money in any MLM.

  19. emmagirl

    emmagirl New Member

    Thanks Danny and Everyone! I googled a few forums and got to put my site in my sig [​IMG]

    LOL...busy taking LOTS of notes[​IMG]
  20. Shakes12

    Shakes12 New Member

    Hi Emmagirl

    I use articles to drive traffic to my websites and I have seen wonderful results. This is what i do or rather what is working for me.

    1. I use a keyword tool to find exaclty what keywords people use to search for the product I want to promote

    2. I then analyze the competition by looking at the number of websites that are already promoting that keyword. There are couple of tricks and tips that i use to see if I will be able to penetrate the market and get position one in google..and other search engines

    2a. The number of websites promoting the keyword must be under 5million

    2b. The top 2 websites on organic rankings must not have the keyword as part of thier URL.

    3. If the above conditions are met, i them write an article using the keywords. make sure you use long and catchy phrase keywords, for example, if your keyword is "dog food", your title should be something like "10 Tips About Healthy Dog Food Sectrets" or "10 FAQs About Dog Food". People like reading tips and FAQs.

    3a. I use a tool to write my articles cos english is not my first language.

    3b. I use another tool to change the contents of the first article so that i have a number of different articles about the same keyword. This is a gold mine...

    4. I then submit those articles to different article directories, not forgetting to include your landing page in your articles.

    5. Sit back, relax and smile all the way to the bank.

    6. Repeat the process with a different product.

    7. To make sure that stay on position one on google for a longer period..I use another tool that automatically creates 300 backlinks to my articles.

    Hope this helps. I have tried my best to make this as short as possible.


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