Out of Marketing ideas ...Have you considered proximity marketing?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by MNMC, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Effective marketing always appears out of reach, expensive and only available to those with a special insight on how to make it work. In reality, providing you have a sound product or service offering, it's just about getting your message in front of as many as possible. The effectiveness of your efforts is measured by the conversion rate at which people buy.

    Unfortunately every type of marketing costs money and the price of traditional media advertising and now even on the Internet, costs thousands more than most of us can afford to really kick things off.

    All this just changed! Enter - Proximity Marketing a new technology that uses a piece of hardware you buy and it allows you to reach out to potential new customers for free, everywhere you take it.

    What is proximity marketing?
    OK picture this: Lets say you have a home business, it could be anything from a Party Plan venture to a Lawn mowing round. You are at the local mall shopping and everyone around you is receiving your advertising on their Cell phones. How does this happen? Bluetooth proximity marketing! Bluetooth is a free radio transmission between a proximity marketing device and Bluetooth enabled devices: Cell phones, PDA's, Laptops, Think Pads, etc.

    It is a 100% legal and permission based communication that does not require a carrier network to send or receive advertisements. Once you have purchased the proximity marketing equipment, which can be as small as something that fits in your pocket, there are no ongoing marketing expenses. You can deliver your advertising to local potential customers as often as you need.

    Does proximity marketing work? Absolutely, do you know anyone that doesn't answer their phone? Yet how many will really pay attention to your advert in the local paper or watch your commercial on TV, or listen to an ad on the radio? With proximity marketing you are putting your message in the pocket of exactly those you are trying to reach.

    Is the equipment expensive? By comparison with traditional advertising costs it's cheap, remembering that once you buy the equipment there are no other costs involved and you have unlimited advertising. Typically for good equipment, prices start at around $500 and go up to around $1200 depending on number of phones you wish to connect to simultaneously and the marketing area you wish to cover.

    There are big advantages and much cost saving by using proximity marketing and it can help you grow your business by reaching a target audience local to you.

    I hope this helps a few of you,
  2. kailo

    kailo New Member

    I find text message marketing to be extremely useful in increasing profits. I have helped some local businesses around my way to use text message marketing, and taught them pretty well to effectively utilize the tool.
  3. shaun

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    If you can have one of these devices in a bag and powered by 12 volt while walking around the shopping centre or even better large mlm meetings then I think this would be awesome. I like the idea of putting the device in your car and parking it close to your target market.

    MNMC , can one of these devices be carried & powered by 12 volt.
  4. abbypanda

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    Before you use zero proximity marketing, send me an email. I was very dissatisfied with their services and their customer service is horrible. I had complained to my sales rep for over 30 days about the device not working properly, i repeatedly asked for refunds and many emails went unreturned. However when I filed a dispute with paypal they responded to that within the hour! The next day I get an email from Mr. Tait accusing me of the following:
    "We do not issue refunds. We have been forced to take this position because occasionally we come across people like yourself who use our equipment for an event or marketing activity and then want to return it soiled and damaged when finished and it unfairly costs us a lot of money."

    As the owner of a company this is a pretty bold statement to accuse a customer struggling to even get the device to work of buying it with the intention of using it for an event then returning it damaged or soiled. In fact my device has been hardly used b/c it doesnt work and the sales reps are slow to get with me, and it doesnt have a scratch on it.

    the people at zero proximity/ consumer stream have a lot to learn about how to treat customers. Beware that your calls/ emails may not be returned promptly and when it escalates the owner will make false accusations against you.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Interesting idea to play around with. Legal? I'd first check with authorities on that to be clear.
  6. amberjones1986

    amberjones1986 New Member

    Wow, that is soo smart! Mobile marketing is certainly becoming more effective. I will for sure look into it for more information. I love offline marketing, but WOW is all I can say to proximity marketing.

    Thanks for sharing William
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    What's up Amber!

    Mobile marketing is certainly going to be an interesting territory to pursue in home business marketing. This proximity marketing is interesting, albeit a bit intrusive.

    Success in working from home is in the marketing those that get that, and make it work, make money, and that that don't....Don't make money. Be sure to have your marketing strategies to go along with your home business participation.
  8. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Proximity marketing would be great outside a sports arena.
    Blast a coupon for a local bar or restaurant to use after the game.
    A vendor in the stadium could blast a special for hats and jerseys.
    Large resorts could use it to announce special spa or tour deals, etc.
    The possibilities are endless when you look at it on a mass scale like that.
    Smaller home businesses or mom & pops may not find it as cost effective.
    In a mall setting like originally mentioned on here it is bound to get response.
    The question would be how often to blast per business or per customer.
    So, is anyone on here doing this yet?
  9. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    abbypanda: "We do not issue refunds.
    Was that stated at the time of purchase or only after the fact? PayPal decides.
    Equipment should have some warranty or don't buy from that source.

    Since William Tait of Mobile Network Marketing Corporation has not defended his company....
    one is left to wonder if ConsumerStream provides a good product or not.
  10. amberjones1986

    amberjones1986 New Member

    Trust me, there would be much planning and strategy behind it, IF I were to go that route.

    Always have to make sure I would be inside of the law as well as, put myself in the proscpets shoes. I mostly us voice broadcasting / text marketing for those that have ALREADY opted in my personal list.

    Proximity marketing is kinda in the grey area.....


    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Some good points/ideas started on this already. The one keyword here is intrusive. As amberjones1986 stated, "put yourself in the prospects shoes". Not to seem negative but imagine several of these devices going at the same time in the same area. You'd be bombarded. How would you address this if it happened?
  12. amberjones1986

    amberjones1986 New Member

    Well, in just about ANY type of marketing, you will always have those that aren't happy about you contacting them... even double opt in leads, you call them within 24 hours, and they "forgot" or "never opted in"

    I think there just has to be balance when looking into new marketing mediums.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    amberjones1986, i think where you may be headed to is -"trial and error" never be afraid to take necessary risks.
  14. amberjones1986

    amberjones1986 New Member

    Oh yea, for sure Riche.

    I'm never scared to take a risk. If it comes out good, great.... if its not so good, its a lesson and back to the drawing board [​IMG]

    The beauty of marketing!!!
  15. amberjones1986

    amberjones1986 New Member

    With the proximity marketing....I would have to just make sure it is within the law...

    Im all about taking risks, just not when Im breaking the law. lol.
  16. MNMC

    MNMC New Member

    Ms. Malone, I explained to you in great detail everything I could to help you, over many support sessions. Like with any technology there is a learning curve and you yourself said you have a lot to learn. We did have a problem with our manufacturers representative agreed and any misunderstandings with regard to that were cleared up - or that's what you told me at least. I wish you well with your karate business and marketing efforts. Proximity marketing is a terrific marketing solution that can save you a lot of money, however despite it's advantages, not everyone is in to karate. So, some offers will be more responsive than others.
    William Tait

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