'Outcry' For Clarification

Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by alwayshere, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. alwayshere

    alwayshere New Member

    I am surprised to read Nothing in response
    yet to malibumentor's post.
    Looking at 1Step from all sides, having read
    the topic quoted here below, I urge anyone
    with more knowledge and/or insight to
    *PLEASE ANSWER* to what from my mouth
    would be an 'outcry' for clarification.

    Is this another opportunity where the owners
    and management are so 'very nice' and help-
    full and understanding so long as the money
    comes in, while kicking you out when you
    reasonably seek answers concerning a
    perceived flaw/inconsistency/injustice in their
    communication to members/investors/

    I wouldn't want to have to rely on such
    management while strictly obeying to all the
    rules in the agreement, knowing full well
    where I stand for, and having joined for
    freedom and financial independency!

    If I had joined already, I wouln't consider for
    one second to continue marketing OneStep
    after getting such a blow in the teeth,
    specially not if this matter is kept silent or
    only handled in the management's backroom.
    I would see this as a very bad sign, even so
    if I see that 1Step works 4me !!

    Of course the temptation would be to silence
    the subject, but where would be MY integrity,
    and MY responsibility to new members if I had
    joined already! @%*!? [​IMG]

    John - alwayshere is where I am

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    I spoke with an associate a few days ago. This is second-hand information so I cannot answer questions about 1-step policies and porcedures et. al. People looking at this business may want to have this knowledge.

    My asociate was in the 1-step system, a hard-working diligent promoter, but like many, he was concerned that new assciates were having a hard time getting qualified.

    1-step introduced a promotion where they would "spend up to $750 on marketing to get associates qualified," and everybody was excited, espeicially those looking forward to cashflow from 2-up sales.

    When the time came for all the lucky people to get qualified, they certainly were, but there were no 2-up commissions for their upline sponsors... They were just qualified. All the freshly qualified people cheered.

    Some individuals, like my associate, were not so pleased. "Where are all the sales that should be passing up to me?" they asked. There was no answer. They were kicked off calls. My associate was kicked out of his 1-step back office with no explanation.

    Is this a parable? Perhaps. Is it heresay? Maybe. Would I excercise caution in becoming involved with this opportunity? A definite yes.
  2. 1stepcoach

    1stepcoach New Member

    Hi John,

    I'll happily address your concerns. Keep in mind, the post you're refering to is a self-proclaimed "parable" from a marketer promoting a competing business.

    I've now been working my 1 Step System business full time for 3 months, the 1 Step team I'm a member of has hundreds of 1 Step associates and I've never heard of anyone being kicked out of their back office and no one has ever been kicked off a call.

    The promotion mentioned was launched about 2 months ago and has been very successful, hence, it is still running. Some associates were confused when the promotion first launched and thought there was the potential to earn commissions from sales they didn't make, but that was never claimed by 1SS. Keep in mind, associates receive a $500 commission per $597 sale, that means the company makes $97 per sale. If the promotion worked like some people were hoping, it would have left the door wide open for abuse. For example, I would have been able to pay 1SS $97 for a "phantom" enrollee, wait 30 days, exercise the bonus, and receive a free $1000 from 1SS.

    Do you see how that wouldn't make sense? Sure, it was wishful thinking from some with dollar signs in their eyes, but the compensation plan is already very generous, and the promotion was set up in the most logical way possible, to be fair to all parties. I've been very pleased with the integrity of the founders, they're out there doing live teleseminars on our behalf on a daily basis.

    The purpose of the promotion was to work as a safety net for marketing "newbies" and those facing a steeper learning curve (lack of time, skill set, etc.) so that no one would get left behind. It was a disadvantage for the extremely successful associates, but to the benefit of the "newbies".

    This is old news now, the confusion came when the promotion was first launched (about 2 months ago). As far as "exercising caution", I agree, you should do your due dillegince before joining any business. One great feature of the 1 Step System is that you get paid directly by your customers/clients/new team members. Your personal PayPal button (along with any other types of payments you choose to accept) is put right on your website. You get paid instantly, no waiting for a check from 1SS, no monkey business. I hope this clears things up.


    Robert Long
    Marketing Mastermind Group
  3. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    I have been with the company since April 26, 2006. There are alot of sponsors out there that once they were getting paid, they stopped all conversation with the enrollee. I specifically asked this same question. They gave the reply: Would you really want a person in your line calling and emailing you due to their non-diligence in finding their two? I had to admit and say, "NOPE" I was qualified with this company in 2 days!! My first two sales did in fact go to my sponsor... and I am happy about it. Would you really want to send two up if your sponsor could not get you qualified or even helped you? They are called qualifying sales for a reason. I can't imagine sponsors really expecting 2 qualified sales and $$ if they haven't done anything to help the enrollee. I hope that makes sense. I LOVE the new 30 day qualification system. It shows the sponsors of these people they have to do everything possible to help them out and have a team mentality if they are to really succeed and obtain their enrollees first two sales. I hope that makes sense???
  4. alwayshere

    alwayshere New Member

    Robert Long (1stepcoach), and made2prosper,

    Yes, your answers make sense and clear things
    up. Thank you both!

    I'm on a steep learning curve already (again),
    with hard debts but soon also just enough money
    to join in the 'A'-plan. So after joining I need to
    find enough sharp and up-to-date info, and
    preferrably the best relevant software, to be able
    to Learn, Work fast, Earn, and Only Then eventually
    pay for more learning stuff, software, and time.

    Pity that a good look in the backoffice seems out
    of the question. But knowledgeable answers will
    probably help much, so below are some more
    questions for now:

    1) Does 1Step have a good (and Free) affiliate
    link cloaker, where viewing 'source' in webpage or
    any other page or ad does not reveal the original
    url or affliate number? ....Cookies don't work too
    well; I'm washing and overwriting them more than
    once every day, and always told my friends to do

    2) Does 1Step provide learning *AND* ways to
    make a website/minisite/landing page, plus, for
    example, info about the 4 types of mini-sites,
    mistakes made with affiliate mini-sites, difference
    between blog and mini-site, how to position them,
    etcetera, like in "Miss any of these critical steps
    and your site will fall flat on its face, money blown"?

    3) Does 1Step provide the real clever info and
    tricks concerning Adsense, Google AdWords and
    Google AdWords Landing Pages , like in the
    suggestion "Miss any of these critical steps and
    your ad (article, etc.) will fall flat on its face"?

    Thanks for reading and best to you all.

    John - alwayshere is where I am
  5. 1stepcoach

    1stepcoach New Member

    Hi John,

    Wow! It sounds like you're already an internet expert. I'll answer your questions the best I can.

    1. 1 Step doesn't provide a link cloaker. There are plenty of free link cloakers out there you could use, but I would avoid them. What a link cloaker does is give you a subdomain to whatever their domain is, so in your marketing you'll be promoting yourname.theirdomain.com. I suggest you buy your own domain name. They're cheap, $8.99/year at godaddy.com and godaddy gives you free "masking" and re-direct so no one will see the url you're sending them to. This way you can promote a domain name that you choose and is relevant to you or your business instead of a subdomain with a strange domain attached to it.

    2. There is plenty of information on building web sites in the Ultimate Marketers Toolbox (including case studies, results of testing different headlines, words, colors, etc.). 1 Step provides all associates with their own 1 Step site to promote, so building your own site isn't required. We do have 5 additional pre-built lead capture pages available to choose from as well. There are some advantages to building your own website, if done correctly, but not all associates are that adventurous. The leading 1SS associate doesn't have his own web page, so it's not mandatory for success.

    3. 1 Step has a Marketing Center with plenty of sample PPC ads you can use in your marketing. The best place to learn the basics of PPC is directly from Google and Yahoo, they have great training guides that go over all their features and even give you tips and techniques on how to be successful with PPC. For those who want to really master Google AdWords, I have an advanced training guide that I give to my team members upon request (it's over 60 pages long and written by a top expert).

    - Robert Long
  6. alwayshere

    alwayshere New Member

    Hi Robert (1stepcoach),

    Thank you kindly for answers here and in
    topic "should i join the 1SS???".
    In my country (The Netherlands) lives a
    singer and cabaretier named Robert Long.
    You know him? (maybe you Are him?)

    Anyway, after reading all I could, about
    Jim Edwards for one, and after comparing,
    I now believe that he has much advanced
    and updated knowledge to share on
    (almost?) all aspects of internet marketing.
    As for cloaking, source code will quickly
    reveal the "naked" affiliate link, and this
    is true with other cloaking techniques
    available on the market.

    My thought is that For 1Step management
    all of Jim's info products and software like
    affiliatelinkcloaker com, wouldn't be too
    much to buy and offer to members, if
    possible and if the right deal can be made.

    My concern right now is that *IF* Jim's
    info and other products are simpler and
    more advanced than what is offered by
    1Step, I'd more or less pay double for
    being able to make a quickstart.
    Is this something to bring to attention
    of 1Step management and/or MMGroup?

    I still know Very Little about what's in the
    1Step back office, but I wouldn't want to
    feel disappointed, after research and due
    diligence for a long time, then joining
    1Step with all I've been able to spare
    moneywise - only to find that I could've
    done better staying the course withOut
    1Step AND with same or faster learning
    (money being so tight to start with).
    See the dilemma?

    Kind greetings,
    John - alwayshere is where I am
  7. 1stepcoach

    1stepcoach New Member

    Hi John,

    I'm not familiar with my name sake from the Netherlands, I live in the U.S. and unfortunately don't have any musical talents[​IMG] .

    As for link cloaking, I don't think most people have the know how or care enough to look at the source code. With the 1 Step System all new associates must join through the link of a current associate (the company doesn't personally sponsor anyone) so it wouldn't do much good to bypass the link.

    I'm not sure if 1 Step is looking into adding any Jim Edwards products, but they do regularly update the Toolbox with new products and everything included is from well respected marketers (no garbage products). They just added a new product by Dan Kennedy (mp3 and pdf) 2 weeks ago. I'm not familiar with Jim Edwards products, if you say they're good I believe you, but the marketers who contributed to 1 Steps Toolbox are no slouches either (Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Armand Morin, Alex Mandosian, John Carlton, Ted Nicholas, and others). And the 1 Step System provides more than just great informational products, you're getting a business with a marketing system to promote it.

    I don't know of any way to see the back office without joining, but I wish there was, they really have a great back office.

    - Robert Long
  8. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    I believe the product is good for what it is worth. If you actually take the time to sift through ALL the information you are pretty much on your way to be the best online marketer/income earner there is!
  9. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Quoted from above,

    "Hi John,

    I'll happily address your concerns. Keep in mind, the post you're refering to is a self-proclaimed "parable" from a marketer promoting a competing business. "

    To say the systems I promote are in competition with 1-step is a little misleading. They are in a different price point in the market. I am always open to looking at more inexpensive programs like 1-step, because I recongnize that success for many in this industry will entail having multiple programs in their portfolios...

    I am still looking for a under $1000 direct sales program that makes sense to me, and I still haven't found it. Still looking.

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