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  1. clydethorburn

    clydethorburn New Member

    As an Internet Marketer and professional SEO Specialist myself I have tested and proved to myself whether Google as well as Yahoo and Bing actually ban you or your website if you handsubmit your urls too often. I have obviously come to my own conclusions due to the results of my own testing.

    I would like to know from the members of the fourm whether they have done similar testing to prove whether the regular hand submission of urls to Google, Yahoo and Bing is accepted and allowed by these three search engines.

    I am interested in the comments by forum members who have tested this and have concrete proof for themselves of their results and not opinions, as opinions are subjective and are not based on practical test results.
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Hello Clyde,

    Welcome to the forum!

    clydethorburn: ... Google as well as Yahoo and Bing actually ban you or your website if you handsubmit your urls too often. I have obviously come to my own conclusions due to the results of my own testing.
    I am assuming you're talking about repeatedly submitting the same url(s) to the search engines.

    Once your site has been indexed, what would be the purpose of resubmitting it?

    I can understand trying again in a few weeks if your first submission attempts failed to get you indexed. But to do it on a routine schedule after your site is appearing in the listings, seems to me to be asking for trouble.

  3. David_Ogden

    David_Ogden New Member


    I believe there are some SEO tools which can be programmed to resubmit URL on a regular basis but theyt recommend no less than 6 months to a year.

    I know that Google does not care how often you submit a site, what they are looking for is updated content. A lot of my sites are updated daily and quite often I will resubmit my site.

    If the search engine spiders are not visiting a particular site, I will submit a site every time there is updated information.

    Using a site map and robots.txt file will generally result in your site being crawled on a regular basis.
  4. clydethorburn

    clydethorburn New Member

    Hi David

    I agree with you that one should also only submit your url when you have added new content to your webpage or website. That is exactly the same findings I found as a result of my testing.

    I have also found as a result of my testing, as you have, that submitting your url without new content added also has no affect on Google spiders. This means that you wont be banned if you continue this practice.

    As far as using automated systems to submit urls to Google, I personally stay clear of automatic submissions, although I have never tested it (an objective observation), because I have been trained not to automate submission of urls to Google and all other search engines.

    Also on the 'add url' page of Google it has this instruction "To help us distinguish between sites submitted by individuals and those automatically entered by software robots, please type the squiggly letters shown here into the box below", which make me believe that Google does not particularly like automated url submission. Again this is an objective observation as I have not tested it.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  5. clydethorburn

    clydethorburn New Member

    Hi Hermas

    The reason I resubmit my webpage or website url to Google when I have not added any new content on it myself, is because I have RSS feeds on my website/s. The RSS feeds update the website when new content is added to the RSS feed and the spiders see that new RSS feed content as new content on your site.

    Read the response I had to David Ogden's response to answer your other comments.

    Thanks for the reply.
  6. GlennELee

    GlennELee New Member

    Generate a Sitemap and Robots.txt file and place them in the root directory of your site that you need index. Your Robots.txt file should include how often the website changes to indicate how often search engines should recrawl your site. Sitemap.xml or sitemap.xml.gz (since search engines can use a compressed sitemap just fine) should indicate certain priorities such as if the main page is updating daily, sub pages are updated semi regularly and tags are updated hardly ever, sitemaps.xml.gz should know about this.

    From there, submit your site to the search engines only one time if you really must. If you prefer to get place into search engines within minutes, simply social bookmark with Digg, Diigo and Delicious and you'll be set. No need to resubmit all the time as it's useless.

    If you resubmit the exact same page too often, you will likely get into what's called the "Sandbox" where the search engines will remove your URL's from it's listenings and investigate your site as a spam site. This usually happens when you obtain linkbacks too quickly on a new site but can happen if you submit the exact same URL too often.
  7. newpage

    newpage New Member

    Actually, you don't need to submit your sites to the search engines. There are faster ways of getting indexed or found.

    Submitting is a waste of time.
  8. HarryJackson

    HarryJackson New Member

    Once your site is index then you don't have to resubmit your site..More emphasize on other faster ways of indexing..If you esubmit site of and on then there is more chance spamming.
  9. francisco81

    francisco81 New Member

    I have been subitting my site every month. So this doesn't help any or hurt any either?
  10. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    you don't get into "sandbox" when submitting your site to Google many times. Think about it for a second...

    If its true, then i can sandbox all my competition in few days. Same is when getting too many backlinks at once. Or doing lots of bookmarking. Google is just ignoring it.

    Otherwise we can all play nasty game and sandbox other sites to rank faster.

    Google will never ban, sandbox or do anything with your site, if work is done outside your site. Like backlinks or social bookmarking etc.


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