Packing parties and motivation?

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by rockycloud, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. rockycloud

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    My wife runs a e-store and we had 30 tittles that I self published that we ship. Most weeks we ship about 400 orders. Last Friday we added 5 new books to my store. We were planning on shipping 8,000 orders the first week of the releases.

    When UPS left today we had shipped over 35,000 orders.

    Were about to start our 12th packing party and there are 5,745 orders that need to be packed. We are hopping Monday that when the UPS semi leaves we we have everything shipped that was ordered before Sunday at midnight. We are starting to run out of friends that will come out and help for a few hours even if we pay.

    Besides long hours, lack of sleep, and bribing our friends dose anyone have any advice on shipping massive amounts of orders?
  2. PeterMFL

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    It might be a good idea to hire a student or a traveler who is looking for a some extra cash.
    I'd hire a Student or Traveler only because they d not have high expectations when it comes to payment.
  3. Just2EZ

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    UPS offers warehousing with packing and shipping by them.
    You simply fill out the shipping order and they do the rest.
    Contact UPS to get more info and a quote for your books.
  4. rockycloud

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    Our orders were more than triple from what we expedited and we sold out of 8 of our 35 titles. We are caught up on packing and UPS will pick them up in a about an hour.

    We have had a quote from UPS for them to pack and ship. They were much cheaper than what amazon charges, but still is a lot higher than what the wife and kids can normally do it for. I will be bringing in more paid help when releasing books from now on.

    We have ordered 1,350,000 reprints to restock.
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  5. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    First off, WOW! Congratulations on your outstanding success.
    Guess you just need to have some more kids?
    On second thought, hiring them is cheaper.
    Maybe check out orphanages?

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