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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by Adrienne, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Adrienne

    Adrienne New Member

    In October, I got an email to my school email about paidstudentsurveys.netand I (stupidly) emailed her back to get more info and then signed up for the site spending the "One time fee" of like $41.11. After I signed up I tried accessing my account but it would ever let me into it and then when I tried to email the support email it wouldn't go through so I emailed the person back who told me about the site, asking her why it wasn't working, and she never emailed me back. Her email was zoe[at] Has anyone else been in this situation? If so, was the original email from the same person? I am hoping to report this to the police (or something like that), and I was hoping if anyone else was in the same situation we could all report it together because I feel that the more people we have fighting this site, the better case we have, and the better chance we have at getting our money back.
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Legitimate Survey Sites are always free to join. I am very sorry this happened to you.
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  3. Panos

    Panos New Member

    Never pay to Join to a survey site.
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  4. Randy B

    Randy B New Member

    Yah paying to join an online survey program is never legit. You can always find free programs like Ipsos, Panda, Yougov and others.
  5. bluetexas

    bluetexas Member

    Yes, that's paid surveys 101, never pay to take a survey or join a survey site. My heart goes out to you, I hope you can resolve this issue soon.
  6. pizzazz01

    pizzazz01 New Member

    I use Panda and I haven't run into any issues like that. I'm sorry that you went through that experience. It is sad when people use others like that.
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  7. aaronrod309

    aaronrod309 New Member

    I have never paid to sign up for surveys, the websites surveys I've tried were and they were alright. The reason I don't do surveys anymore its because most of the websites required at least 10,00 points for a $10 reward and it would take forever to get through one, and sometimes it would kicked you out of the survey because you were not qualified to take that certain survey.

    Best of luck to you
  8. Tina19

    Tina19 New Member

    I am apart of 10+ paid survey sites and I didn't have to pay to join them. My only problem with them was that I spent all day doing these surveys but, I had nothing to show for it.

    Have a blessed day.
  9. ajamarketing

    ajamarketing New Member

    Unfortunately, these paid survey sites that ask for your money make money by asking for your money! As mentioned before, there are tons of free paid survey sites that you can sign up for so go this route if that's what you would like to do. On a side note, in my experience, paid survey sites are not your best investment of time if you're looking to make money. There are much more financially beneficial opportunities, many of which are free!

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