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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by SaraJimmys, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. SaraJimmys

    SaraJimmys New Member

    How to you qualify for more surveys.I've been doing surveys for a long time, but the most important problem for me is disqualification.I see many good paying surveys, but I can't qualify.Any tips?

  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Being truthful is your best bet. Surveys are based on demographics. If you provide consistent, quality answers, ultimately you will end up getting more surveys.
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  3. jberri12

    jberri12 New Member

    Here are some basic tips for help with qualifying. There are more on my Pay Me For Surveys site (link in signature below):
    1. When you receive a survey invitation, respond to it as soon as possible. The surveys usually have quotas, and they usually fill up fast, particularly for higher paying surveys.
    2. After you sign up for a survey panel, make sure you fill out their profile or demographic surveys. This will help the panel direct surveys to you that you have a better chance for qualifying.
    3. Not every panel sends email invites for all the surveys they have available. You also need to check their web sites to see all surveys.
    4. When you go through the demographics questions on a survey, never state that you work for any of the companies they screen for (most people don't), or you will almost always get disqualified. Just pick "none of the above".
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  4. crawfordssweeps

    crawfordssweeps New Member

    I agree that being truthful is the best way. Some sites have profile surveys you can do that will direct surveys at you that you have the best chance to qualify for. Sometimes you just go through streaks where your not the target group but there are gunna be streaks where you get accepted alot also. Best of luck to you!
  5. ShirleyM

    ShirleyM New Member

    You should always be honest when taking surveys and take your time and read through the questions. Some survey takers get disqualified for answering the questions too quickly. There are special software on the website for detecting this. You will be disqualified if you don't fit the demographic for the survey. Also, it is better that you are disqualified from surveys that don't apply to you, because you will find them boring.
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  6. Pauldadathome

    Pauldadathome Banned

    One more tip is to avoid survey routers and stick with survey sites only. A survey router just gives you an endless loop of surveys to screen for and often make you fill out your basic info like age and gender over and over. I have found these to be a big waste of time. I only take surveys I have been invited to and get to them as quickly as I can once invited. Fill out your demographic or profile info completely and keep it up to date. Give consistent answers when asked about yourself, the site remembers you and this consistency over a long period of time is how they gauge your trustworthiness. Do not fly through the survey, answer thoughtfully and don't rush too much. I wrote an article on my blog dealing with this subject, check it out for more good tips and strategies.
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